30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I don’t know where the term came from but ironman athletes especially talk about Suffering, as a term used in training a lot.

DOn’t believe me?  Look Here, at this awesome recap written by a NoMeat Athlete!!!,  Or if you prefer Here, as an Austrailian athlete recounts a training bike ride… you can even look here, at an Active.com article… about what motivates triathletes to suffer…

Oddly, it’s not really a term used by just regular runners that often, if ever.  Just Triathletes.

Today I had a suckky day.  I got out of bed, but then the couch ate me.41Gtaz0KIiL._SL500_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-big,TopRight,35,-73_OU01_SL160_

So I got to the gym right on time, with JUST enough time to do a 5 mile workout.  As I’m walking in the gym, I recheck my workout week.  Ahhh ha ha ha, that moment when you realize your 5 mile workout is actually a six mile workout.  :/

I debated it for a bit and then finally decided just to do it on the TM.  I will admit, My right Hip has still been acting kind of strange.  My TFL and Piriformis really dislike their jobs.  I visited the Massage Therapist TWICE this week, and thought I’d throw up the first time. Ouch.

With the hip problem, I kind of felt like running up and down our hills here doing a speed workout might be a mistake.  Plus, the TM is in one spot, so if I got behind, I could stop and be at the shower and at work.



I’m not a huge treadmill fan, I really hate the unnatural way it keeps your pace (whatever pace it is) pretty much the same.  But it’s flat.

So I had a 2 mile warm up.  I put the incline up a bit and ran one mile at an UBER slow pace.  I Ran the second mile at a Slightly faster pace.  I hit mile 3 with a little trepidation…but I dropped the speed to about my normal running speed- then at the half mile point I dropped it one more time.  Mile Four I dropped the speed again to well below my normal running time…and then suddenly it was time for a shower, so I ended up with 4.16 miles.

This afternoon, I wanted to do my last 1.5 or so miles.  In general Skeletor kind of does not like it when I try to repeat a failed workout.  I rationalized ALL day long that the workout wasn’t failed I had just mismanaged my time.

I went home, walked the wonder dog, and went back to the gym.  Now, he’s not really often at the gym on a Friday afternoon- but as I was fiddling with my shoes, in he came.  and the convo went like this:

MG: Hey, (exchanges pleasantries) I kind of ran out of time this morning, can I just finish the workout now?
Skeletor: Sure, why not?
MG: you usually tell me not to repeat workouts. Can I run like, an extra mile?
Skeletor: How are you feeling, really?
MG: Describes hip issues.
Skeletor: I think you are fine. go ahead. Starts to do wall balls…
MG: hey be careful, you know you can get hit in the face with these things
Skeletor: Only if your last name is T….
MG: so you’re ok…
Skeletor- yes, you can do the workout, but you have to be sure you suffer. If you aren’t sufferin’ theres no point.

Hmmmm, is it any wonder that i get kind of tired?

I ended up doing a pretty good speed workout for me.  Hopefully…these speed things will pay off.

I would like to say once again that I do appreciate Skeletor.  he is a good man. He puts up with a lot of whine from me.  and he has made me a much more confident, faster runner.


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