30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


So I’m actually not in a training cycle of any type right now. I guess it’s maintain.


Yesterday my workout consisted of “Off, seriously”  When i saw the “seriously” part added, I took the entire day off.  Luckily I had extra work activities to distract me.

I switched around some workouts so I could do the uber fun swim/run/swim/run workout with a friend.  So today was run 5 miles easy.  I ran with a friend which was a nice change.  75972_10151542751530477_602342584_n

It was a little weird because we had not run with each other in SO long that in a way we were actually kind of trying to figure out where each of us was.  It would appear I have gained some small bit of fitness, and she has lost some.  Or I have gained a lot and it seems like she’s lost some.

At any rate we ran a kind of hilly route.  I did not love it much.  I’m not feeling negative, but I think it is totally appropriate to admit that I don’t like this route.  I always feel funny about it as it goes by multiple businesses and I feel like I’m running by a strip mall…plus there are hills.  Lots of them.  and they are placed SO inconveniently.  THe worst one is at the very end of the run.

So Now, I am sleepy.  Could take a long nap…

Guess I will go to work instead.  Lots of new stuff at work..SO…

At least my muscles and everything seem to be healed up.  Massage therapist tonight, so I think that will be the end of my butt pain (please!)

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