30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Recovery Week Continues.

So…After I tweaked out my right hip on Tuesday evening…things really got kind of “iffy” there for a bit.

My Hind end hurt.  It was hurting a load in the Piriformis area.

Sacroiliac-Joint-nerves-piriformisI was ok to walk, but was finding it pretty painful to do so.  I was also a little bit alarmed because this twisting injury was what ended me back into Physical Therapy after my first round of therapy.  Now…as bad as that was, I was introduced to my current coach, and clearly that was worth it.  AND I can now run.

By Wednesday I realized that I had irritated the heck out of my sciatic nerve.  I used to get sciatica a lot as a kid.  Since the surgery I have never had the issue in my left leg, but…my right hip has not had the benefit.  I did the cycle and made a bold attempt to run on the Treadmill.  With each step I felt the pain of a large stake poking me in my right hip. Yeah.  After a few minutes I got the message- running was not the activity for me today.  I grabbed a foam roller and went to town.

35120477After I was going to replace the roller in the proper place and caught the eye of the coach.  He gave me a thumbs up.  I gave him a look.  we did the hand signal thing and eventually he gave me the “email me” hand signal.  I went home and emailed him that I thought I had an injury. I tried to be pretty neutral about it.

2 hours later he sent me a response

I kind of figured that you might come back with something, especially because there was a lot of downhill running. That will almost always tweak a hip…even one with no history.  Thats the reason I did not send a more than a week of workouts. I figured we might be modifying them.
You have plenty of time. There is roughly 25 weeks till the Jax race.  I recommend going straight to the pool. Do all workouts that you would run, in the water, same amount of time, same intensity, and within the pain limits.
You can maintain fitness like this for a very long time.   Do not worry about this right now. you just had a fun race and you need to recover anyway. It is not like you could jump into a long build up to Jax race without a break anyway.  Give the hip all the TLC that it wants right now.

So, after that I felt a little better.

Well by Wednesday night my right foot was going numb, which is very annoying of course.  It’s not exactly painful, but it feels strange, and it’s kind of something that is hard to ignore.

The Next morning, it felt a bit better.  I sent him off an email saying it was about 30% better and moved on.  My workout for the day was cycle and weights.  So I cycled, and did all the weights that were not leg related.  Kind of an unbalanced workout.  Also foam rolled the heck out of my hips. I got good news that my Garmin which I lost at Bryce Canyon was found by a very lovely couple who dropped it in the mail for me! So I was feeling good about that, but a bit sluggish about my hips and I admit I am used to exercising, and these limits felt funny.

Friday…I did my tempo run in the pool.  I struggle with speed workouts in the pool.  It doesn’t always work out too well. I got up SUPER late.  AS I was putting my weight into my swim suit straps, I heard a voice calling out, “you could get a belt for that you know”….Coach man had decided to swim that morning too.  So we talked for a bit.  I told him my hip was even more improved. He told me he was considering a second “rehab week” for me this coming week. Meh. then I got to treading.  It was actually pretty tough when I entered into the “3 miles at 5K pace” moments.  All of a sudden the coach appears on the bulkhead yelling “are you working”  I barely had enough breath to answer “uh huh” so He seemed satisfied.  I just kept treading.  I think I got a pretty good workout.  My hip did feel funny and by the end of the day even with foam rolling…it was numb again…

today I actually was able to run a little  bit.  I biked, ran and swam and now, my hip feels great but I feel the numbness coming back.  Wonder how long this lasts…I think I’m on the mend.  THese little tweaks are always so frightening, because sometimes they turn into bigger issues.

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