30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Recovery week.

I’ve needed it.

On Monday I didn’t have a plan.  My coach has been working a lot of extra hours, and even on weekends, so I know he’s been stressed. So I decided since we are having afternoon thunder bumpers to ride the stationary.  He listened to me gush about “BEST RACE EVER” a bit and then he gushed a bit over my awesome photos.

Later that night I got this little message from him:

This week please make sure you are feeling good. I want it to be a recovery week just because you ran hard on the 13th and are sore. By the end of the week I want you to really be chomping at the bit to run and train. There is almost 26 weeks till Jax marathon. That’s a long time to be harnessed in. Don’t burn out.

Yes.  I am Still SO SORE.

Tuesday I was supposed to do a swim, run swim run workout.  I could not.

I did a swim, pool run, swim instead.  I was so tired, and everything hurt.

I did have a massage tuesday evening.  I think it helped.  But somehow getting out of the car I twisted something funny and now my piriformis area in my right hip is SUPER painful and tweaked.

So, compression_shorts_front_smallIts time for compression.  Motrin, and a load of “seeing how I feel”  I am also supposed to be running 2 more miles today after a cycle.  Again. Gonna see how I feel.

I want to be ready for Jax.  Not nursing some sort of injury for 25 weeks.


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