30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Control that Taper

Ok so I did my “run the 5K course today”  and I decided to see what I could do while trying to run comfortably fast.

After about a half mile that gave way to:

Run as fast as you can, set your running shoes on fire..pace



Which of course translated into a walk break.

and a gasp for air break so that I do not vomit.

Still even with that horribly uneven pacing…I did better than I have in months.

I took my 2 minute rest break.  I think it turned into about a 4-5 minute rest break. Then I dutifully followed the plan- running 2 more miles as a steady pace.

Overall it felt really good.


What didn’t feel good?

Seeing two of my running friends check in on Four Square with a running group full of ladies who dislike me.  I have a long history with the ring leader.  They are nice people, but I dislike them.  When I decided to break with these ladies, they had been doing things like running a half marathon every weekend, and occasionally drinking beer during the races.  Not my thing.  Over the past 2 years they have toned that down and actually trained and showed some improvement, but, they have not become any more friendly towards me.  I can be kind of snotty, so it’s probably my fault, though in fact, they can be pretty ridiculous.  A variety of people have told me privately that they can’t stand those women, but despite that, I felt pretty alone, as I sat in my local Panera eating my bagel and coffee, knowing that my friends were down there laughing and chatting it up after their run at a different Panera.

What did feel good?  After my Panera breakfast, I went to the gym for a short spin and study (spin at low resistance and review study cards).  On my way out I ran into a person I just met a week ago.  She greeted me enthusiastically, and asked, “Why didn’t you run with us today?  We would have loved to have you.”  Suddenly, I felt less alone.  As a matter of fact, I felt HAPPY!  Included!  I chatted it up with this group for a bit- and noted it seems to include at least 2 single men.  I’m single again, so I could start to look at least.


NOW…  My biggest thing this week is to not Overdo it before the race.  The legs are feeling good good good.  And that is usually when I blow it.


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