30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

This week in training….

Wow what a week.

I still have a strange little workout… “Run the 5K course, rest 2 minutes and run 2 miles steady”  Not sure if that is Run the 5K course fast, or what…but I’m confident I can do it.  Yeah, I could email for clarification, but to be honest, it’s so hot here that any kind of running is going to work for me.

Because of the Holiday.


I had some extra time off.  This seems great, but of course it kind of threw me off my regular routine.

Work….this week was incredible.  I had to try to prepare for a meeting.  I really did not have enough data to do all the computations I need to do.  These computations are new requests, and so I was already a little bit anxious about making sure they were correct.  Having a few more days to process all of this would have surely helped.  For the first time in ages, my work stress bubbled all over EVERYTHING.  I was tired all the time, made quick and easy- but not very nutritious food choices, and I started to just feel sort of off.  Every time I tried to think about what to do about presenting this mountain of data, I felt my Heart rate skyrocket.



So it was pretty strange.  My Boss luckily saw my distress, and allowed me to cancel and reschedule this meeting until August.

While I felt relieved, I did not feel super great.  I had an afternoon weights workout which I did in the privacy mostly of a spin room that wasn’t being used.  I felt kind of irritable, and every few minutes thoughts of what to do about that meeting and the data.  As one might imagine, it REALLY affected my workout.  I saw my coach in the periphery, but he was working with some patients, and I really didn’t need him for anything specific so I just went home, feeling kind of lame. Sometimes of course, a high five is something one needs just for surviving.  I guess I looked kind of rough because an hour later I got a one sentence email- “Just checking on how your feeling?”

I returned it on the 4th telling him I felt OK.  I guess so.

I had a lot of fun options for the 4th of July.  Lucky’s Lake Midnight Swim was one. Swimming Lucky’s in the daytime was another.  A local 5K race was another option.  What on earth did I do?  Not too much.  I ran a 5K in the dark, and then met a friend for breakfast.  Given the heat, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t run a PR anyway, so I guess I did better to save some cash and just get a run in.  THis weather lately kind of blows.    I spent the rest of the day doing all the things I have avoided- house tidying, bill organizing, playing with my sweet dog.



I continued to worry about work.  I just had no idea how to handle the data, present it, discuss it with my Boss who is admittedly not really that UP on my job….it all spun around in my head as I cleaned counter tops, did laundry and tossed a baseball for the wonder dog.

Late on the 4th my friend texted me and ask what I was doing on Friday.   30 minute cycle and 7 mile run.  I quickly realized that the only decent day to do this was Friday when the gym opens at 5- so I could cycle in the dark and run at dawn.  She said she wanted to run along with me.  She is loads faster, so it’s a gift.

I went to bed early, and woke up at 3 am….in a panic thinking about work.

I chose a pretty Hilly route. I tried to use Map my Run to show the elevation but it was rather complicated and the map disappeared.

Anyway when we run together, my friend does the talking, and I generally try just to nod agree and breathe.   I did a tiny little bit of talking, mostly I felt so out of shape.  i felt like we were running fast, but we weren’t really- it’s mostly that J. has really rapid turnover and I have a longer stride.  For a while there it was just running along with her. Listening to her complain about some sort of issue with the hospital department where she works.  She was all fired up over something.  I was mildly interested, but still stressed about my deal.  I did finally acknowledge that I was feeling this incredible stress.  I was pleased with the run overall, even though I did not do great on the hills.


Post run…I went and ate an awesome Bagel at Panera, (Now selling salad with antibiotic free Chicken and ham!) and studied.  I am studying for Certification in Infection Control.  It’s a tough exam.  I’m starting with the review book and it’s so far full of Cell-Mediated Immunity and Interleukins  and well… It’s a bit complex.

And then there is more, construction regulations, lab tests, outbreak investigations, etc.

As I was studying, I started to FINALLY feel calmer about work.   I think it took the long run to push all the stress out of me.  I really don’t have a new plan or anything about the data, BUT, I have more time to deal with it, and I think if I do it a little at a time I can get through it.  I often feel like my job is really not well understood.  So part of my job is to explain what I do.  Currently there is just a ton of stuff going on.

SO that was Friday.

Slept better.  Today…I had a one hour spin and a 3 mile run.  Post long I was a little bit tired, but it went well.

Today I started on some more cleaning.  I LOVE having this time off work, spent more time playing with the dog, who is much more calm (duh).  I also realized I want to put the work situation to bed…so I can focus on Jacksonville Bank!!!!  (As always, my habit, I’ve forgotten all about the Half next weekend!)


So, those of you in High pressure jobs?   How do you handle stress?  How do you handle new projects when there is no guidance or acceptable limits?  Does your running help you, do you find at your highest work stress times that your performance increases or decreases?

I do seem to be dropping time again, but given our heat and humidity…..it’s hard to tell.

And yes, this was a long rambling post.  Still working out how to respond to my work challenge on Monday!


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