30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Pre-Race Nerves.

I’ve got a week or so before my Race on July 12.

All of a sudden I’m kind of nervous.

I signed up for this thing in December.  It was 35.00.  Kind of funny because of course with Airfare, hotels, car rentals, etc this is possibly the most expensive race I’ve done.  Now…I had a free airline credit, so my ticket actually cost me only about 100.00 but last year in June I paid about 600.

So this is a cool cool Race.  The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.  For 35.oo…(and my plane, hotel, car etc)  I get to:

Run through a National Park.



I mean WOW.  So many race courses run you through town.  You pass by like…CVS, or Walgreens.  Here, well…Just look at it.

parkshotApparently there is a Medal…

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon MedalThank you to this blogger for posting this photo.  THis is the 2010 medal….It was the best photo I could find on the net. 

A Tech Shirt…

Bryce Canyon Shirts


Again Super thanks to Cory the Blogger for this photo.    I personally do not adore the 2010 shirt, but. I’m hoping the 2013 design will be snazzy!

And I get to run with my Friend Jim!   Jim ran my first Half Marathon with me.  He also ran my First Marathon kind of with me.  (I yelled until he left me.  It was not a good experience,  Jim was fine, I was not trained.)

So All looks pretty cool right.

What the heck am I worried about?

To start with there is Elevation.  The start line is at 7500 feet elevation.  Yes, thats a lot of elevation. I live in Florida.  The HIGHEST elevation we have in this county..312 feet.

Here is an excellent article explaining the problems with elevation/altitude and running.    SO apparently every 1000 feet slows a person by 1%.  Sooo, I’m supposed ot be slowed by 7.5 %.   Then the Downhill grade…and I do mean downhill…. Looky here:

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 8.59.10 PM


Is supposed to speed me up…by Well.. here we are:

Every 1% downgrade speeds your pace 55% of 3.3% = 1.8%
Every 100 feet of elevation descent speeds you 3.6% of your average one mile pace (2% grade/mile).
Example: A race that descends 300 feet would speed an 8-minute miler (3 x .036 x 8 x 60 seconds) = 55 seconds faster at the finish

 So I think the altitude and the course may even each other out.  Maybe.

Then as you can see this is a DOWNHILL course.  Downhill is fun but very very hard on the Quad muscles.  I’ve been working very hard on quad control for almost a year so this will be a test.

My Goal?  RUn a 4-5 min PR.  Be able to walk the next day.  Have a good time!

We’ll see how it goes!  Wish Me luck!!!!



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  2. Good luck! I think it’s normal to get the jitters before a big event like a challenging race. I bet it’ll be amazing. Be sure to get pictures, or have someone take them for you!

  3. You’ve got this, girl! Have fun!

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