30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

This week in recap

Oh wow, this week was not exactly that fun.

I did not own this week.

The week owned me.

It was a really difficult training week.  ALL my workouts increased in length.  I mean ALL.

My swim workouts increased in yardage- some by an extra 1000.

My running increased by quite a load.  If I had managed to Do Exactly what the coach had wanted I would have topped off at about 35 miles.  SInce last week was 29…it was kind of a jump.

In a lot of ways, I’m annoyed by the week, but in some ways I am also ok with it.  It showed me where I’m at for now.  In addition, I really did not enjoy the heat and humidity of the summer.  I have not really trained thorough summer much here.  In 2011, I had surgery and hung out in the pool all summer 2012….I kind of played around at running most of the summer.

So when I set out for 13 miles in 75 degree heat and 100% humidity…I had no idea…that I would struggle so much with such a regular distance.

Florian1I felt like this.  My water pack was super full and very heavy.  I set out, and noted my legs felt kind of sore/tired.  Not injured, but just kind of flat.  Sometimes this happens and then things smooth out so I just kept going.  By Mile 3-4 I was feeling super flat, and really HOT.  my shirt was SOAKED.  I could actually wring out drops of sweat from it.  And this was definitely not the desert.

I considered turning around, but didn’t like the idea of 8 miles instead of 13.  So I shouldered my way through the 6.5 and turned around.  I actually went off the trail for  few minutes at 6.5 and almost got lost.  Kind of a bad sign when the trail is in the middle of an urban area.

when I hit mile 7 I was feeling slightly better until I realized I still had 6 to go.

I did eventually finish up.  Sat down at the trail head and just observed.  Everyone else was a cyclist, and they all looked Hot, and tired as well.

I spent most of the rest of Sunday laying about on the couch, commenting on people’s FB statuses, and in general trying to recover.  I went to bed around 7 pm.

This morning I feel somewhat recovered mentally….IN that I took care of almost all of Sundays tasks at 4 am when I got up.  I rented a car of next weekend’s event, I walked the dog, emptied the mailbox, refilled my Singulair script, folded socks, did dishes.

In my clearer mind today I realize it had nothing t do with distance and a lot to do with temperature.  For whatever reason I really got over heated.

Worst part about this..I have 90 days left of this type of temperatures.



This type of training is really good for building endurance, but O.M.G.  this week and next are kind of taper-y cut back weeks.  Normally I would protest, but in this case, I am embracing it!


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