30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Speedwork Fail, win fail…

My coach has designated Fridays a heavy speed work out day.

I do mean Intense and HEAVY.

First week I had 7 miles of 2 mile repeats,  Last week, it was 8.  This week 9.

I did the 7 and 8in the weeks past.  Neither one ws executed very well, but I got loaded up with miles.

FAILED the 9.

First I got so nervous about the workout that I actually had a hard time sleeping because of it.

And it wasn’t like Dr. Sleepless paid a fun visit.  I was tired, but just couldn’t get rest.


This is becoming a pattern.  I know I have to get up REALLY early to get this workout done.  I know I have to do most of it in the dark, which is kind of risky as a lone runner, and I know it’s gonna be tough.  (incidently this morning I am sure I saw a guy sleepwalking at 4 am when I was walking the dog, he was walking so rhythmically in his sleeping clothes and no shoes, it was so strange, but I digress.)

So I got up and got dressed  Had a coffee but no breakfast.  Mistake number 1 I am sure. Fr some reason this entire week, I have decided to eat Poorly.

And I don’t do anything half way.

chocolatemintpatty 19434_130491951198175 mcdonalds-Filet-O-Fish


I kind of blame the entire week on the fact that I had great food- fresh salmon, that I prepared and then managed to spill all over the floor, leaving a very tasty meal for my dog.  But STILL.  Back on track today (Saturday) with a collard green/strawberry smoothie to start with.

I ran a 2 mile warm up this morning and it was SLOW.  Freaky slow.  I just felt kind of ick.  When the watch beeped for 2 I sped up the tiniest bit.  It was dark so I focused on running what seemed to be a comfortable but faster pace.  The first mile of the two was just where it should have been, the second one was AWESOME.  It was a time I have not seen for a mile in months.

I then took a 2 minute break and tried to start running again.  YEAH.  Not happening.  My head talked me out of it.

8 hours later… (Said in snooty French accent)

I found myself on the Tread mill.  I managed a 1 mile warm up at  nice slow pace.  Then I took off.  I managed one more mile at the speed that I ws aiming for and then again, I was toast.

Admittedly, Two people retired this week.  So I ate Cake.  Lots of cake.  I started to have some gut pain after mile 2…from the recent sin of cake….

So It wasn’t the workout I was supposed to do, but I am so happy to see some of my times dropping, even if it is just for short portions! So I am counting it a win!  And I know I will get more sleep tomorrow.

I now have direct evidence of how my bad diet makes me feel and perform poorly.  we’ll see how I do.

For the record, I went shopping last night and purchased more delightful sockeye salmon, and some lean lean beef,  fresh squash and baby portabella mushrooms.  The Sockeye is marinating now in a lovely lime sauce.


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