30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Highlights from this week in training.

Currently I am not sure if I am training for Bryce Canyon half marathon, getting ready for Jacksonville Bank Marathon, or just maintaining….

I’ve been kind of doing whatever workouts I have and enjoying them very very much.  Last week I had 28 running miles. This week I managed 29.5.   SO far on both weeks after the 2 mile repeats I felt sure I was on the edge of injury, but then…for whatever reason, I was able to run well the next day and the next.  Not Injured at all Hoo-ray.

redbox0011jpgSummer of Strong continues.

I’m frankly surprised that my body is able to handle the miles, but…I realized that they are more spread out, rather than one huge long run.  My “long” run was 10 miles this week.

Tuesday was really fun.

86537095-1The swim/run/Swim run transitions workout was  a winner again.  It made me super tired all day at work, which may have caused me some work issues, but  still working on how to balance the two.

I also got great news this week that my Dexa Scan has improved.  I am now in the light green category for Bone density.  While this is not ideal, it is a lot better than where I was 2 years ago. So, I am proud that I have been able to actually do what was needed to improve it.  So that’s a definite highlight.

Thursday stank all around.  I did not like the workout (2000 yd swim- ended up doing like 2100) and weights.  I had a weird interaction with my coach, which has had me on edge for the rest of the week.

Friday’s workout 8 miles of speed work.

Thank you to Real Life church which is close to my house.  It has a fairly flat parking lot…note, I said fairly…not entirely.  and if I run around the church, well it’s about 0.5 miles.  So 2 times and about a half around is a mile.  I hate this workout.  I hope it’s making me stronger.

Saturday I enjoyed a solo spin and run in the heat.

Today I cruised on the West Orange Trail for 10 miles. It was hot. Around mile seven, I got a bit just plain tired and feeling like trudging.  I then commenced to worry about my coach and my plan.  See, I am out of plan.  Tonight I should get a new plan.  I just feel so bad about thursday, I hope he doesn’t cancel on me.  I find that working with him has been of huge benefit. I’m in great shape.  I am not injured, and I am enjoying running more.

So, we’ll see what happens, I have to send him an email with the week in review as well, and then let the long wait for a response begin.  He is actually quite good as responding.  But today I am having an anxiety attack about it, so even 1 hour is going to drive me nuts.  So guess who is going to take some time before sending…. Hmmmm.






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