30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Loose end, or just….

Today I am feeling a little bit Blah.

Training is going well, though I have had a few questions for my coach, which hopefully he will answer.

I think I may actually just be reacting to the Mundane-ness of my life currently.

It is a lot of work, go home, workout, walk dog.  I do keep forgetting I have a race in about 20 days.  It’s a fun one and it should be beautiful.


parkshot It was also very very inexpensive.  I wish wish wish I could stay out there longer, but alas, I have this stupid job.

So I should be excited.Still.  it is going to be a beautiful run.  I know it will be colder.  Currently, their highs are our lows, so I should enjoy that.  I am sure the T shirt is nice and I will have a unique medal for whatever that is worth.

I just feel like every day this week, I have stuck my foot in my mouth and have been super needy with the training.  I want feedback on EVERY little thing.

Monday…I got a little email from my coach changing tuesday’s workout a bit. Instead of weights and run, it turned into a very fun run/swim palooza.  I sent him an email to tell him I loved it again.  Then I got all excited about my Dexa Scan, so I had to go tell him.

It *IS* very exciting that I now have a spine again.


But Maybe I didn’t need to do that.  It could have waited, but frankly speaking, I don’t talk about my bones much with people, and he was the only person I knew that would immediately *get it*  which he did.

Wednesday I managed to go my workouts and work and that was it.

Thursday…I realized that I needed to pay the coach.  I was actually late on paying him.  He of course didn’t say anything, and probably didn’t realize it.  I felt guilty, and I tried to figure out how to get the money to him.  On Thursday I had a physician appointment to discuss my Dexa at 5:45 pm.  SO I had done my 2000 yard swim in the wee hours of the morning.  I planned to do weights after the Dexa appointment, but I didn’t know if he would still be at work or not.  So I decided to go ahead and just drop off the cash right after work.  He was working with a very nice woman and I just said, “I want to give you this”  He said thanks, and I actually started to run off.  Suddenly he was calling my name, and I stuck my head back in to find him saying…remember to email me.  I try really hard not to bother him at work, but I had to hand him the money…I had NOTHING to email him about. SO I felt you know…stupid. Do I see a better way to handle this?  Sure, I could have just waited to see him.  I dislike not paying someone though, it’s a peeve of mine.  I see now that it is not a peeve of his.

Friday I still felt stupid. Did my worst workout of the week- 8 miles divided in to 2 mile repeats with 2 mins of rest.  I hate these, and especially so now because it’s so stinking warm outside.

After work on Friday I went to the gym, and thank goodness I was unobserved. I just did my thing, and left having time to have a nice conversation with Cindy my Gym buddy.

Today was bike n Run day.  I got there, and Cindy my gym buddy said, “Your coach just walked in right before you, he is swimming”  and I’m like “Oh, but I’m not!  I just do what’s on the paper.”  By the time my bike and run and shower and cool down was done, he was either still in the pool or gone which sort of made me feel relieved, because I’m still feeling strange about thursday.

Now tomorrow, I have to send my weekly email, as I don’t have a plan after tomorrow.  So hopefully we are OK.  I was a little bit glommy and needy this week.  I do not know why.  I think I just felt a little overwhelmed with life right now.  I think I am still dealing with this one relationship ending…and the other one that may be starting and trying to focus on WORK, and running.  THank goodness running is going well.

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