30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And the resolution of Monday Blues…


I got up on Tuesday in a state of “muddle-ment”

On Monday I wrote abut my goal to organize and compartmentalize my life.  Well…



The above did not really happen.

I knew on Monday that there was a problem at work.  I did a pretty good job at shelving it, but once I went to bed, it was hard to not think about it.  Not a big deal, but…then less sleep…makes training a bit more difficult.

So Tuesday, I had a HUGE and awesomely fun workout.  I LOVE tuesdays.  TRANSITION TUESDAY is what I am calling it.

It’s a swim, then run, then swim, then run, then swim…workout.  So.. loads of transitions.  I’m not really good with the transitions, so I usually just end up soaked.  It’s a total challenge and for some reason I see it as play.

Transition Large Oval(1)


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So I was tired.  My friend who likes to join my shenanigans was not feeling 100% so I was sleepy and on my own.

Pool was over chlorinated.  My Nose burned.  I thought about saying something to the lifeguard, but then I thought he might shut down the pool.

So I swam….Girl_with_styrofoam_swimming_board

And then I jumped out and ran….



It was wet.  I was sleepy, but I was determined to love this workout even if I felt kind of lousy.  The run went pretty well.  Hopped back in the pool, hopped out, ran, back in…and on.

I think the lifeguard thought I was nutty.  But I did enjoy it.  I love doing this workout.  Had to send the coach an email telling him it was still the BEST WORKOUT ever.  Apparently after that email, he has decided to make it a “regular, reoccurring workout”  WHoo!

Other good thing is that my Dexa-scan was done and the results were actually better.  I did not know that one could really improve their bone density.  I kind of think that maybe there was an error in the last bone scan.  OR.  in this one.  But the news for me right now is pretty good.  YAY for Bone Density. I was so excited, I totally went to the coach.  I actually probably didn’t need to tell him, but I have to admit I am in a bit of a “needy” mode and I needed a cheer leader.  He didn’t disappoint.  Though I have to admit.  I need to be a bit more independent.  I’m still feeling maybe a little bit “delicate” but again, with my resolution to organize things..I need to seperate these things.

Today was a tempo run and a cycle.  The tempo run was a sweat fest in the dark.  I enjoyed it…as much as one can in the heat and humidity.  The cycle was more difficult than I expected.

I did get it all done though, and I have managed to keep the work problem from defeating the training.

SOOO making progress.  So thrilled that I am being able to put the miles in fairly well.  No huge niggles of pain anywhere yet.  So feeling optimistic about this training cycle.

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