30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

28 weeks to go….

I finished off this week fairly well.  Very SLOW long run…and a nice 45 minute Spin.  Yesterday I did a Spin Class (for an hour of spinning on the plan) and a 3.5 mile run.

Lets start with the Spin Class shall we?  REALLY Awful.  I’ve gone to this class one time before.  I did not love the instructor, and I actually felt like I didn’t get a good workout.   I know right?  Spin class is supposed to Kill!


Anyway, I admit, I did the class because I have an overweight friend who is wanting to start at the gym.  I knew she might not do a class without me, so I wanted her to come and feel comfortable.  She did great in the class.  The instructor had a load of problems, mostly due to the heat in the classroom…but to be frank, it just wasn’t that tough of a class.  maybe 4 jumps.   and some “intervals”  I didn’t mind too much that it wasn’t that hard, as I had had a fairly full week, but I will not be making a special effort to go back again. THe class itself didn’t give me a workout…like Spin classes have a reputation of doing (hence, the ecard!)  AND the woman teaching it spent a good part of the time discussing weight loss, with the implied assumption that we were all here for weight loss.  So Score 0 for spin class instructor.  We do have other instructors, who are intense, and kill a person, so I clearly need to attend those classes.  But for my friend, it was a good class, and I do hope she will return!

Post class I had a 3.5 mile run.  No problem.  It’s 88 degrees outside.  No Problem!


I started out, realized how hot it was and slowed it WAAAAAY down.  Did not enjoy this run one bit, but was very pleased when it was complete.    I was just glad to have survived.  I drank tons of water and headed out to purchase some healthy food options.

I’ve been doing “smoothies”  for breakfast with some excellent results.  During the end of my Marathon training, my nutrition really slipped…and after all..

SI Exif

You are pretty much what you eat.   By the end of Marathon training, I was having a lot of trouble and was very hungry all the time, so I ended up eating convenient foods..  Mostly looking like person number one up there.

Now that I have refocused, I am pushing green leafy veggies like a mad woman.  I do not particularly love salad though, so I have been stuffing greens into my smoothies.  So My smoothie consists of:

Yogurt or Silken Tofu


Wheat germ

1 cup of spinach or turnip or mustard greens (frozen and chopped)

1 cup of strawberries/blueberries/peaches

and that’s it.  After about a week of this, my energy level soared.  I am guessing my diet of “Person Number one”  may have caused some anemia.

This morning I “ran” 9 miles at a nice slow pace.  I did not feel particularly enthused about doing this run.  It was warm outside, and even though I was up nice and early, well….Florida summer is here.  It never really cools off.  I saw a bunch of runners had been out probably by 4 or 5 am and I resolved to try to do that too.  It won’t make it loads less hot, but there is then no SUN at all, so at least the heat doesn’t “heat up”  mid run.  I kept the pace very very slow…it was actually in the Zone for Macmillans training paces, for the first time ever, so that is a plus, I guess.

After I was so warm and wet that I pulled off my shirt and drove in just my sports bra.  Covered, but not in a way that I would consider appropriate for public viewing.  Got to the gym and hopped on the stationary, Very thankful for AC.  Listened to I Heart Radio’s top 20 Christian Songs.  Wondered where all the songs came from because quite a few were not my top anything.

Definitely got the message today from This gem:

Even though I was not appropriately trained…I really have been very frustrated with Bayshore.  I regretted running the race without the proper training….I did feel defeated by the distance….etc etc….Even though my coach has been disgustingly proud of me behind my back….I felt like I had let him down as well.  It’s important to look at the foundation of anything.  I’ve finally forgiven myself for everything that Bayshore wasn’t, and been able to look at some of the good things it was.  But there is still that bit of me that is kind of irritated.

My Biggest Joy of this week is that I was able to complete all the workouts.  I struggled mightily with Fridays speed workout and instead of bagging the cool down miles etc, I did them..the entire 2 mile repeats were super slow and such, but I got the miles in.  In the past I would have let defeat take over me, and just bagged the workout…missing “time on my feet” miles.  Not going to do that any more, even if I can not hit the target, I am going to get as close as possible.

Summer training in Florida…all paces seem off and strange….It’s just so warm and humid…so I am just getting in the miles and working a bit closer with my coach…


SO pleased with this week of training. I did it all!!!  AND No Injury!

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