30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

So this week rocked.

This week was of course dubbed as “wicked Easy”  by the guy who writes my training plan.

Pffft.  It wasn’t particularly difficult, but “Wicked Easy”  it wasn’t….


Mon June 3: either swim 2000 straight and easy or tread water 1 hour.
       On Monday I ended up treading water.  My shoulder has been bugging me, soo, it seemed wise to not pull on the shoulder.  Used a 2 pound weight and this was ok.
Tues June 4: weights for abs and arms bike 45 min
      I turned up the resistance on the bike for this one.  It made it quite a bit harder, and I was surprised that I could indeed get it done!  I didn’t really do that much weights work, but I did some.  Right shoulder pain…kind of interferred with me pretending to be a velociraptor with weights.
Wed June 5: tread water 45 min with 2×5 min hard.
  I went in the am and treaded with a friend, but we gabbed, so I went back in the afternoon, got a 3 lb weight and treaded away.  Rained on me.
Thurs June 6: abs an arms and bike 45 min.
    Again turned up resistance to the new level.  Sweated like a pig! (How does a pig sweat?)
Did a bit of a better arms/abs workout.
Fri June 7 swim 2500 try to do sets of 500 with 2 min recovery in between each.
     I got up late and had to rush this, so ended up with 1 minute recovery in between each set.  Still it felt good.
Sat June 8: 1hr bike 3 mile run brick 
   Whew, also got up late.  Cycle was FINE, 3 mile run in the heat of the day at 9 am…
Sun June 9: run 8 miles steady then bike 1 hour spin 
   Got up much earlier, started the run at about 6:20 am.  Not early enough.  Video and Film
WOW.  The Summer has arrived.  It is SO hot and SO humid.  I took my Hydration pack, filled with ice.
It worked very well for me, and I actually never felt under hydrated.  I did feel however, like I was carrying a few pounds on my back, which actually, I was.
I just felt kind of “OK” through most of the run.  Somewhere along towards the last 3 miles I started to feel hot tired, and drippy.  My legs felt good and solid, but my lungs were protesting.  I didn’t take my asthma medication, and the humidity.. Whew.  I pushed through it by reminding myself how I felt when I couldn’t run and what I would have given to do this hot steamy run….usually stuff like that does;’t motivate me but today it did.  It helped that it was only 8 miles.  WHEW.
So I didn’t have any seriously messed up workouts this week. Yahoo!  Now have emailed the coach, and I am awaiting next week’s workouts.
I’m super stressed about work.  I can’t explain exactly why, I have a lot of projects going on, and I am worried about everything.  Trying not to let that affect me.  Oh and I get major dental work done tomorrow!  YIKES  We’ll see how next weeks training goes.

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