30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Ok so it’s been a week.

My Bayshore race report probably is the lamest race report ever. I did not take enough photos.  Plus I was PISSED about the entire race, the situation of the race, and, well, it is really time to move on.

So I am now focused on  a target about 28 weeks away.


This race is in late December, during a week when Hospital Administration wants me to take days off anyway. So, ideal.  It will hopefully be cooler to downright COLD temps.  Jacksonville is in North Florida, maybe 3-4 hours North of my home.  The Average temp for that time of year varies between a low of about 45 to a high of 65.  Last year it was really cold, I heard.  I did the 26.2 with Donna 1/2 marathon in Jacksonville and it was about 28 at the start in February, so I am hoping we don’t have a warm front. I looked at Long range weather forecasting, but really that seems to be a bit of BS.  I can tell you the coldest months will be between Dec-Jan and Feb…. DUH.

the course is FLAT and apparently really fast.  I would prefer one with rollers, but Frankly speaking this is the race., It fits my schedule, it is closer to home, so less stressful travel…and it seems to be a runner’s race.  By that I mean, no frills, no tutus, no lines for taking pictures with Goofy, no theme beyond running.  Now, I’m a fan of all those things, in fact, I think I will be doing a “donut run” next weekend (run 1.5 miles eat 6 donuts, run 1.5 miles)…but…for my Marathon, I just want a good clean race.  Organized.  and flat out running.

So training today:

1 hour on the cycle (16.2 miles done)

and 3 miles running.  So hot out now that I sweated like crazy.  But got it done.

I feel more focused and am enjoying my workouts.  My diet is all messed up and involves a large amount of ice cream. SO…I am working on that.  I feel that if I can lose between 8-15 pounds that will make an enormous difference in how I can run….

So excited that I am:

1. Sleeping well.

2.Working now on the same page as the coach!

3. enjoying workouts.

Must fix the food.

I am feeling an enormous amount of stress at work also and I need to fix that as well.


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