30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

and on it goes

Well.  I am definitely feel some of the post marathon slump that people talk about.

I’m annoyed that I had kind of a disappointing race after training for such a long time for it.  But I have to face the fact that I was just not prepared for that distance.  I needed more miles under my belt, and I actually did experience overtraining.

As I’ve had a week off to reflect on things.  WOW, was I ever overtrained.   The link is an excellent one and explained to me much better what occurred than anything else.  My Coach says it differently, saying, “You were so right on the edge of injury”.  I trained hard for this race, but I did not have the ability to put enough miles of road running down to properly prepare.  While we had a 16 week ramp, it really wasn’t enough to have the rest weeks that I typically have with Skeletor.

So Prior to that 16 weeks, I had actually been having some fun, running well, feeling solid, and dropping time.  Somewhere in the middle of the Marathon cycle, I started to sleep poorly, have ongoing pains in my right hip and left lower leg.  THe lower leg was particularly difficult to deal and it started to cause problems with the speed workouts.

Ok, soooo, you may wonder, how is it that…I, a woman with a Coach I adore, a Coach who worked fairly closely with me, etc…found myself in this shape?

Man and woman talking

I wondered myself.  But then I realized that I was partly to blame.  And some communication was partly to blame. I think I also had some expectations that just weren’t meant to be at this time in life.

So.  Bayshore over.  I felt really emotionally beat up after the race.   I also had a bunch of early days at work, which did not help things.

By Tuesday’s end, I had been over at my Massage Therapists office and brokered some Graston Treatments.  It seemed easier than her regular massage actually, and more effective.  I then headed over to the gym.  I cycled aimlessly, and then in my state I decided to try out some running. I did one simple mile on the TM, and then tried very hard to see Skeletor.  He looked like he was still working.  I had a chat with one f the exercise physiologists who inquired about my race.

It was a bit like “Let the healing begin!”


The EP listened to me talk about all the good stuff about my race and the disappointments.  He provided me with a beginning of support and then pointed out that Skeletor did want to see me and was still at work. He and I have had a checkered relationship.  For him to be so nice and kind to me was a total balm to so many things that were hurting at the time.  I was glad to be HOME.


This is the longest I’ve lived anywhere.  I have always struggled a bit with ties in community. In part because after my “difficult relationship” I was constantly on the move for several years, and constantly looking over my shoulder.  Now, I’m settled in this community, the true danger from that difficult time has passed, and I have had time to make friends and connections in the community.  It’s AWESOME.

Well. Skeletor was working on someone with the curtains pulled.  I have a load of respect for his position, and try very hard not to just go and gab at him while he is working.  So I waited and waited.  Evenutally he backed up enough out of the curtained area and saw me sitting there.  He yelled out, “so how was it”  (He knew already, he had gotten my weekly email.)  I yelled something back and we did the “I can’t hear you thing for a while.  Eventually I walked over there, and realized that he wasn’t actually at work but working on someone he knows.  So we talked and talked and talked.  We agreed on some things, disagreed on some things, and talked some more.

Thursday we met up again over where he lives.  he had all his papers and spread sheets and we clarified exactly what I wanted, and chose a race together.  I gotta admit, I hated the idea of him choosing, and he actually said it made him feel too responsible for choosing a “nice one”  So…we looked at two- Space Coast on December 1st and Jax Bank on Dec 29.  Of the two Space Coast is more attractive, as it has awesome Schwag- a beach towel, a medal the size of a person’s head, nice long sleeved tech T, etc. really great expo, and a pre race dinner IN the Space Center. It’s really close to home, and tons of people I know are doing it.

But Jax has some benefits as well. It’s a nice small race, the TIME of Dec 29 means that it has usually reliably cooled off somewhat by then.  December 1 is a crap shoot with weather. We could still be having 80 degree days. I also have that time off work with no issues, so that is great.    And it gives me 3 more weeks, which will essentially be the taper then. Some negatives are that there is no real expo.. ( I like the expos for the freebies that I use to bribe nurses to wash their hands at work), and I have heard through the internet and the grapevine that they don’t support 6 hour runners.  I pray not to be anywhere near even 5 hours.   So we chose Jax Bank. We talked for a long time and had loads of fun.  We clarified some things about goals. Talked about what worked, and what I felt was not working.  He wrote stuff down.  He drew loads of diagrams.  One thing he reminded me of was that 2 years ago I got badly injured, I had surgery.  In trying to put off the surgery, I actually got quite deconditioned ahead of time.  He actually had to spell it out sentence by sentence.  By the time I met him in PT, 4-6 months post surgery, I was extremely deconditioned.  My pelvis girdle was weak and at that point in time, we initally were focused on getting me able to walk normally and perform my job without pain.  SO yeah.  when it was spelled out….563136_429369660477712_675610358_nIt became obvious that I was exactly where I should have been.  Or another way to put it…in regards specifically to Bayshore… “I got the race I was trained for”  Indeed.

Moving on.  I was really questioning did I need to change trainers/training.  The answer at this point is NO.  I was overtrained, and near injury but a lot of that was me telling him everything was “fine”.  When I came home, he really sat with me and did as much as he could to get my head back focused, rather than doing a typical coaching thing, “Come back when you are focused”.  Actually, as we finish this cycle both he and I said we felt like we understood better how to work with each other, so time is a good thing.

Last week, I ran into the old Manager of the place I had PT at.  I smiled and told her, “Hey I was able to complete a Marathon!”  She smiled and said, “I know, Congratulations!, Skeletor told me.!”  I kind of panicked.  What else had Skeletor told her?   But she smiled and said, “He is just so proud of you…you did the race and it was very hard for you, but he said you came out of it very disappointed but managed to refocus and set a new goal…he can’t stop talking about how well you have done with your injury recovery, it’s kind of like you are his big kid, or little sister”  So I guess I’m one of the family now.  I feel so supported.  So we will see how things go…



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