30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Well the ticker is tickering…

7 days until the Bayshore Marathon.

Am I excited?  Well yeah.

I started what can only be called “extreme tapering”   this week.


It feels great, which is not exactly how I have felt on a taper before.  Usually I feel kind of anxious, and sort of antsy.

This week, so far I feel GOOD.



I started to dream again.

running-dreamsWhich while it isn’t exactly proven science….seems to indicate that I may be getting more appropriate sleep.  For most of this training cycle, I’ve been sleeping very well…and assumed that even if I didn’t remember dreaming that I was.  But in the last 2 months before this week, I had started to suffer some insomnia and also trouble staying asleep. So yesterday night when I woke up after dreaming about an auto crash…I was a bit disturbed about the crash and then realized indeed I had been dreaming. Whoo Hooo!

My running has started to feel good again.  I had not realized how miserable I had felt but even now I approached each run this week with a bit of skepticism, and a small bit of fear.  “Can I do this?  will it hurt?  Will the time be unbearably slow?”

As is common for taper, my speed has increased slightly, and indeed, I CAN do it and it typically does not hurt.  I’m still nervous.

Of course this is all coming with Bubbling enthusiasm.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. copy

but I need to temper that enthusiasm with some caution.

I’m still not extremely fit.  I did miss one long run in there.  I’ve got an ongoing issue apparently with my achilles in my left.  This event will be LONG and likely after about 13-16 miles it will becomes kind of painful.

Pain Train Pic.


SO I’m kind of trying to temper that Taper enthusiasm with reality.  Yes I feel good.  When I run4 miles it feels great.  4 miles does not make a marathon.  6 repeats of 4 miles still does not make a marathon.

So….we’ll see what I do.

And I’m still enthusiastic!


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