30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training day 80-90 Something

This whole week has been a bust for me.

I’m tired.

I don’t really like running that much, which is rare and unusual.

My body feels very hormonal which does not help things.

Monday I had a rest day.

Tuesday I had problems getting out of bed.  Post massage I said I’m gonna go run…Massage Therapist, said “No you aren’t”  Coach agreed with MT.

Wednesday I finally got it together after work to run 3 miles.  I tried out my new hydration pack which worked great.

Thursday was a rest day.  I was going to do Tuesdays workout, but I admit, It was pouring, I felt HORRIBLE.  My hydration pack had given me a very sore back.  So I took the rest day.

Friday was speed work.  I did instead a 30 minute spin and a 1 mile run.  Saturdays workout which was supposed to be a 30 min spin and a 4 mile run.

Today I tried to run 18 and ran 3.  yeah.  that’s like 18.

I then went to the gym.  Saw that my coach was present.  I foam rolled like a mad woman, and eventually ran into the coach, really I was kind of hoping to see him.

Eventually he came roaring in from a swim/run in the rain and was kind enough to see my intense distress.  He sat down with me and we talked for a long time.  He eventually pinned down that I was actually feeling a lot of fear about my 50 miler.  I have had a lot of questions, “Can I really do it…how will I manage to do it” etc etc etc.  Once I realized that I was just really terrified, I kind of calmed myself.  He also pointed out that the last 2 weeks involved a great deal of travel, “good stress”, and difficult weather.

He then took my temperature, essentially, declared me sick and told me I could not race the night 5K that I had planned with a friend.  I said, “Oh she is gonna be upset.”  He said, well, I’ll tell her, I said you couldn’t.  You can’t.  If you do, you will hurt yourself, and everything you have been training for.  He never says NO, so I dutifully texted her, and gave my Bib to another very eager participant.

Now at home on the couch, I do feel pretty lousy- hot/cold/ exhausted.

Tomorrow is another day.

What I really want is about 2 weeks off to “recover” from my training.  I just feel so AWFUL!

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