30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 79

Yesterday.  I ran a 3 mile “Easy” run.  I have to admit, I did not run this hard, but I didn’t really run it easy either.  I have not been doing a ton of outdoor running in the last two weeks.  It’s been Treadmill after treadmill and then one big long run outside.  My Garmin reflects that I’ve not done a lot of short runs…if you scroll through the “history section” you will see a smattering of distances…garmin-forerunner-110-in-depth-product-review-61-thumb16, 17, 18, 20, 17… nothing like 5, or 3 or 6.

I was actually very anxious starting this run.  My ankle has really become quite an issue with me and I just felt like it might not hold up too well.  I also did not want to “waste” KT tape on a 3 mile run.  The stuff is expensive.

The first quarter mile was difficult.  My leg did feel pretty bad, but it started to loosen up and be less painful after that.  In the end, the run went pretty darn well.  The time on it wasn’t quite what I want but at the same time, it wasn’t bad.  If I were to run this pace through the half, I would not feel horrible, though, I admit, I would also probably not be thrilled in the end.

Oddly the rest of the day my ankle improved and improved.  Now the only thing that really is truely bothering me is the inside upper “heel”Foot-Health

What hurts is oddly the Calcaneus.  the BONE, the thing that looks like a ball sticking out there.  It hurts like crazy and has some mid swelling.

After getting through the run and realizing that things were not that bad, I somehow decided to empower myself a bit, and realized that I could do a course of Motrin for the next week, as prophylactic.  It does actually hurt, I’m not really into pain medication, but I am thinking that if I can help reduce the inflammation for 4 days before the race, this will help.  NOW…I have to remember to take the stuff…



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