30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day 75. The worst Long run ever

I have to admit, this was not the worst long run ever.  I’ve had worse 20 milers.  This one was special though.

I had to take a day off work this week to make up for my Sunday at work.  So I took Friday.  Whoo Hoo 3 day weekend.  And I decided to knock the long out of the way to give me 2 more recovery days ahead of Glass City Owens Corning Half Marathon!

My 2 days at work were filled with a lot of challenges, some very severe, so I didn’t sleep too well last night, and I would have really preferred to stay in bed, but I had promised my friend I’d meet her, so you know that kind of affects things.

So I got to the gym, we did the emergency bathroom use and then started out. I admit, I don’t run much with people and I feel like we started out kind of fast…Plus we were chatting, so I was using some extra oxygen.  I enjoy chatting with her, but I gotta admit, I was feeling lousy.  My GI tract had been giving me problems earlier that morning and I think I was just feeling kind of tired etc…

At mile 4, she turned round and left me.  I kind of settled into a better pace, and admitted to myself that I was still not feeling 100% good. Glancing at my Garmin…I knew I was going to have a slower run.  There were loads of hills on the South Lake Trail that I was on, so I tried to kind of go with it…


south-lake-trail-018Can I admit I do not think any of these photos show the area with justice. Seeing this sign show up over several different miles..is an indicator of how tough this was for me.


So I ran out to the West Orange trail and did 10.22 miles turned round and started the misery again.  It was very HOT as well, into the 80’s  I ran and ran and walked and ran.

I’m going to have to learn to run hills.  I have a hilly race coming up.  I wonder though was it the hills, or the heat? or maybe it was the freaking Yellow fly that I accidentally ate.  YEP.  there was an old lady who swallowed a fly.



I sweated profusely on this run, and I was breathing fairly heavily.  These flies are attracted I think by sweaty odor, but maybe by Carbon dioxide.  At any rate, I couldn’t get rid of him.  and then at mile 11, I took a big deep breath, and bam, My fly was inside of me.  I thought I had aspirated him, but no it appears my epiglottis was fast enough to send the fly all the way into my stomach.  Ugh.  On the bright side, I was not bothered again on the run!

At about mile 16 or so I looked down and noted that my hands were Mickey Mouse hands…



Hands swelling on long runs is apparently a common phenomena.  I was pretty sure I was having hydration issues.  So I slowed down even more, and just bit the bullet and finished the run.

There were some very pleasant parts to this run, I’m just not so sure I’m aware of them.  I got very overheated, and found myself wanting to use my water to pour over my head and cool me.  I was definitely showing some signs of heat exhaustion.  It’s pretty easy when these things start to happen to lose all common sense, so I fought with it and just finished out really slowly.  When I got back to the gym, I drank 40 ounces of water fairly quickly (cramps be damned) and got a cool towel for my neck etc.  After drinking the water some of the swelling in my hands immediately went down.  It could have been from changing my arm movements too I suppose.

I cycled my 30 minutes and then I was super lucky to have some “coach time”. I showed him my hands, and said, “I think I need some salt”  he said yeah maybe.   We talked about trying out a camel back type hydration device.  This is probably a good good idea.  We talked about running the Croom 50 miler this year.  We talked about getting me on a non-stationary bike.  He described in awesome detail his upcoming weekend activities, which made me jealous as heck.  We then got a little more serious and talked a bit about my past, and then moved out of that to the upcoming race.  He told me to think of the race as not the end all be all, but as applying a “treatment to the body”  Kind of strange, not so sure I love it.

After that I went and had the French Onion soup at Panera.  Post lunch about 30 minutes later, my hands have returned to normal size.

So, I think I need to watch my salt intake normally, as it’s been a bit higher than some.  and  I really need to explore these hydration packs.

And NOW. TAPER.  for 8 days.

Today, I am SO grateful for my coach.  He is a good good person who really puts so much thought into developing me into a endurance participant.  He has taught me a lot about training.  In addition, He has taught me about life. He doesn’t want me to worry about time for the half, but it’s his birthday this week, I sure would love to bring him (and Me) and bright shiny new PR.


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