30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 65

I was so worried on Tuesday that I would not be able to do the piddly 3 mile run.

After walking the dog in the morning, I could tell that it was still pretty wonky.

I put some KT tape on it, and decided to try it out anyway.  I’m having some time management issues with work, so I was thinking “If I don’t get this run done now, I will never get it done.”

The first half a mile was AWFUL.  Since it’s dark, I don’t wear headphones…With every step I was tyring to breathe.  When I have pain, I tend to hold my breath.  Even when running.  SO.  On top of having leg pain with every step, my breathing was pretty messed up.

Luckily..by 0.50 mile mark things calmed down.  I started to feel better and was able to finish off the 3 miles with less pain.



To be honest, Running though pain is REALLY STUPID.  If it hadn’t started to feel better by the half mile, I surely would have quit.

I then went and did that work thing.

THEN  a tiny little weights work out and a brief chat with my coach.

I was surprised that after that “easy week”  the weights were easier, well except for those Darn Inchworms.



The coach asked me “Hey how are you feeling?”  I was surprised by the question.  I’m feeling great.  Well, my left leg… I wanted to hang out with him, and he looked like he wanted to talk, but he was at work, and I had Mona….so.  We need to make some plans for races. Plus I still have no idea if I am getting a taper, and I WANT ONE!

I then went and met Mona the Massage terrorist for my usual.

I thought it was going to be better than last week, but it was worse.  I just was miserable.  I could barely breathe.  of course, after…it was better.


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