30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 64

This week is an unusual one.  I have to travel on Saturday, so I am rearranging most of my workouts.  Today, I found my lefty that is usually sore after the long run was feeling pretty good.

So I thought well. I’ll do Tuesday’s workout on Monday etc.

Tuesday was 3 mile run and some weights.

So I got done with work….and got all dressed and ready to go.  When I got outside, I really wasn’t that enthused.

It’s HOT.  82 degrees. science_relative_humidity

But I figured, 3 miles, I could gut through it with the heat and all….

I started to run and with every step, I noted that my left leg was not having any fun.  I felt like I was hopping off of it, so after about 0.10 miles, I decided to just stop and do Monday’s workout.

Pool run one Hour.

6a00e554e81be38834015433ca697b970c-800wiWith a super HOT sunny day…the pool felt GREAT!!!!  I strapped on my 3 pound weight and treaded merrily away.



I watched one cloud transform from a Chinese Terracotta Warrior, into a Camel, and then a fire breathing dragon and lastly into a white fluffy Malti-poo.   Then it broke into wisps.

I’ve got some pretty Nagging issue with the lower left leg.  I’m really in debate about letting it rest.

Coach sent me some races that would work for a really good Marathon in July/August.  I gotta admit, I think it’s gonna be hot anywhere in July/August, except Alaska.  So I’m in a debate…I’ve got a few Brilliant ideas again.  one includes choosing one race, but having a back up about 1-2 months out in case we go through the train up/drop back dance again!!!


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