30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training day 63

Long run.  15 miles

one hour spin, about 12.3 miles.

So, I was feeling pretty good when I started out for the long run.  I had some lingering tired feelings but, I think loads of us feel tired on the weekends.  I maybe more than others, because I actually have to get up earlier on the weekends.  Now that our temperatures are in the mid 80’s as a high, I need to be getting moving even earlier.  Today the sun was out when I ran and that is never ever good, at least at the beginning.  Kudos to me though..I wore sunscreen.  I am a very fair person, and spent a good deal of my life not in Florida, but now…I live here, in the Sunshine state, so I have to be careful.  Why wear sunscreen?  Click here….

I tried out my new running attire…

2012_Fall_PI-0841-4CC 0841_4CC_l


Yes.  It’s a cycle Jersey.  I LOVED it in the store and I thought the pockets in the back would really be ideal for all my carbo-pro.

Well.  Maybe not so much.  I really think the pockets are a bit large for what I need held, and it kind of flopped around a bit.  Worse yet, the neck chaffed my skin so now I look like I went out on a weird date and got a hickey necklace….

So..  Not so sure about this one.

It is SO cute for an out of state race, that I might still consider it.


Anyway.  I started out fine.  I seem to have misplaced, or lost (probably lost) my ipod shuffle.  They are SO small.  So I ran without.  I’m not about to hook up my cell phone to my arm etc.  It was pretty nice for most of the run.  Towards the end I kind of missed my shuffle ALOT.

In the first mile I had some sensations of lactic acid in the legs.  This was probably related to my spin yesterday.  I tried to slow it down some and I was able to keep going.

I was actually really delighted with the first 8-9 miles of this run.  somewhere at mile 9-10 ish I started to have some issues.

My legs were hurting. I felt tired.  I felt a little bit bored.

They say:



Total BS.  You run on your legs.  When they are really tired, your heart, or mind has only a little bit to do with it.  Now, 90% of the time, they aren’t really tired, it’s a brain battle.  In my case, I think they were kind of tired, but it is possible that my mind was fooling around with me.

I was hoping for a certain pace so I really kind of pushed it for the first 10-11 miles, and then voila, I could not push anymore.  I walked some, I jogged some, I ran a little bit.  I decided I didn’t care about time, I just wanted to go home and rest.  Eventually I got it together to run the last mile, but..the damage was done, I was about 30 seconds off where I had wanted to be.

Pouty face here.

Well, it got done.  I checked into the gym, saw the coach and smiled a big fakey grin.

smileWe did not need words.  I went to my bicycle (you know the one that should have my name on it?) and spinned.  Spun?  Anyway, I did it for an hour and then hit the showers, and rolled out of there.

So tired.  a wee bit disappointed.

Shot off my weekly update to coach man.  I asked for a Taper 20 days away from Glass City I think I deserve one, but we will see what he thinks.

I am Sick of training.  It has been forever since I had a Race.  I want to taper and race this thing.  We’ll see what he thinks….


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