30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Days 61/62

Day 61 was a REST day.  I was starting to feel a lot of energy come back, and I almost emailed the coach asking for a workout, but I decided he had put that on there for a reason.  So I rested.

Today Hour cycle and one mile run.

I don’t know if it’s the temperature rising, or if I am better hydrated, or something, but the spin was a total Sweatfest.

It was a nice one, and I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards I got ready to do a mile and I realized I had left my Garmin at home.  The Garmin device for runners has become so popular that if you go on a run without one you can casually say, “I ran a Naked run”  and most will understand that it was a run without the Garmin…

ATT543185Not a run in the buff.

I’m not a real fan of naked running, plus I only had one mile to do.  So I hopped on the TM and did it.

Bammo Saturday fitness done.

I saw my coach this morning, as he was setting up for some seminar they were hosting about injuries to athletes.

I said hey my ankles still iffy…he mentioned he thought if I fixed my head, my ankle would follow.  Hmmmm.

AH well. I feel better, and he is a funny guy, I think I was overtrained and overtired.  He won’t confirm that.  I also think I just wasn’t tough enough. I think he would be ok with that assessment.  He did correct it, so kudos to him.  Now. He needs to chose that marathon and such so I can plan

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