30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 59

3o min cycle and run one mile.

Today The heavens smiled on my, and thanks to Mona the magic massage therapist

My leg felt 80%

I did an intense sweaty cycle, which was FUN.  Listened to some rocking Gospel Music, which kind of made me smile…

My favorite line…

“God woke you up this morning didn’t he?”  Kind of something to keep in mind when bitching and moaning.

After that,

The sky looked kind of gray and It appeared that all the kiddos from the swim program were being yanked from the pool so I opted for this thing called the Treadmill.

For a one mile run it was very efficient.  And bouncy.

My leg initally felt twingy but I settled in and did my 1 mile.

And BAM.  I am smiling more.

My RHR is down to 61 which is about acceptable.  I am sleeping better.

Work is still HORRIBLE, but I feel GREAT so…

My only worry right now is Glass City.  It is 24-25 days away, and I am suddenly not hearing form my partner in crime for the race.  He’s my ride there, so I hope nothing has changed… Ah well, if it had, I do know how to rent a vehicle and use GPS.

My coach is smart.  I feel GREAT!


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