30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training day 57….pffft.

So on Thursday, I had a bit of a Pow Wow with the Coach…

We discussed loads of stuff, and I knew things were going to change.

On Sunday I got this email..

Happy Easter! Congrats on luckys! I can help with open water swimming when you want to. You would do great in tris.
I will work on redirecting the training tonight.
I feel better about easing down your mileage. Your body will thank you:)

Yep hit the pool in Monday. Since you are not training for a Tri yet(lemme know I know you want to) I truly don’t mind either way on Monday if its swim vs pool run.
Shoot for 30 minutes tops.

I am going to aim to make this week a recovery week. If it does not feel like that, then back off even more. I want you to feel well rested by this time next week. Not flat.

I felt pretty good after this.  In a way I felt a little Cheated as well, because I realized that it is only about 4-6 weeks away from the taper for the Bayshore Marathon.  I keep thinking I could have toughed it out.  To be honest, my left leg and ankle are still not quite right, and so I probably would have ended up with an actual injury… like in a BOOT.  or on crutches.

Later that night my phone chimed again…

Ok so I really want this week to be wicked easy. Here is the next week.
Hair hurting stinks.:(
The plan for the next few weeks looks pretty darn easy.  It is about to get all messed up due to some out of town travel.  So we shall see indeed what occurs.
I did do the 30 mins of pool running.  I’m NOT training for a tri and I forgot my goggles.
We’ll see if I can get it together this week.  After the pool run today I felt EXHAUSTED.  Work stress is incredible at this point, and so we will have to see what we can do.
fingers crossed for some running success.
And I admit, the fact that my coach thinks I would do well in tri’s makes me wanna do them.  All except the bike riding part.


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