30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 53

This was a nice day.  I got off work early Yahoo!  I also managed to get work DONE today, which is awesome.

Anyway I got off at about 2:30 and bounced over to the gym.  Because it was early I was able to easily get a lane in the pool.  I was sharing with a older lady who was pool running.  I was very entertained that she was wearing a latex swim cap and also a sun visor all together. She looked really like a bowling ball wearing a sun visor!

Anyway, I really enjoy swimming in sunshine.  The sun was not warm but it made the water all sparkly.

maymaymay032So I was just kind of swimming along, got to lap 18, and all of a sudden, someone else was pool running with lady with bowling ball head.  That person waved at me and interrupted my swim.  Oh It was my coach.

I am kind of a control freak and I kind of wanted to do the entire swim to see where I was at with my swimming.  BUT, I have not had much “coach time” lately, so… I made a decision to stop and tread some water instead.

We jogged along, and started to gab.  Both of us it seemed wanted to talk about stuff.  He finally looked at me and said, “Ok we have like 5 different trains of thought going on, lets address them one by one…”

I told him I was frustrated by being allowed to register in for a race and then several months later being told that he feels the ramp up is really too tough.  Then I told him I thought he should pick the next race.  He looked totally surprised, and then said, OK.  He had been letting me pick events because the social aspect of getting together with friends is HUGE for me in running.  He asked if I wanted to completely drop Bayshore.  I was like, oh Heck NO!  But…I want to relax a bit maybe on the time goal.

After a moment I said, “So what am I gonna be running????????”  He said, “Well, I gotta get on the internet.”  He then said, “well I know a great trail run on a Nudist resort.”  To that I gave him “the look”

IMG_1310After a few more minutes, he said, “Well…How about the Princess Marathon?”  I reminded him it was a half.  He pouted.  I did tell him that I would do the race he chose, and wear sparkle pink hair if he felt it necessary.  He said no not necessary at all.

il_340x270.427475290_g8x0Then we talked about trying either to have a little post Bayshore Peak, and do a race in late June or July.  Or simply doing something in the fall.  It’s really going to be up to him.  Though…I might just go searching around a bit.

I told him, “I’m having a little trouble recovering from the long run  this week.”  I have actually been rather upset at how long it took my body to function.  He gave me a look and said, “Geez, it was 17 miles SEVENTEEN!”  He grinned up at the lifeguard who was entertained by us, and she was like whaaat?  17…. So I guess I may not have realized that 17 really is kind of big miles.

He then wanted to cut my long runs and ease things up for me, but after some talk we both came to the conclusion that it isn’t the longs, it’s something else that has got me in a bind.  We’ll see what that may be over the next few weeks.

Anyone got any Marathons to Suggest for June or July?  I’m still really looking forward to Bayshore, and I think if we take the pressure off I may have a spectacular race, but…we’ll see…

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