30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day 52


I had a 5 mile tempo run on the books.

I got off work a little early today, so I went out to the West Orange Trail where it’s a little flatter, and also there is some tree cover which serves as a wind break.  I’m really SICK of wind.

Nothing is really feeling good. Nothing feels injured…but everything feels super sore and tight.

I did the run.  It wasn’t a tempo run though.  I really consider myself lucky to have completed the 5.  I never got my breathing under control, a lot of the running felt just terrible.  Kind of unfortunate as it was a lovely cold day here in Florida.  High of 66.

I went back over to the gym to take a shower.  Before that I talked to the gym trainer for a while, and eventually just decided I needed my “High Five” from my coach.

In truth, I just needed some support.  I am feeling a lot of fatigue and discouragement.  It’s that time in the Marathon training.  My Coach grinned and said I had the lower lip quiver down perfectly.

He did oblige with a high five, he also helped me to see that I am NOT lazy, I am actually tired.  It’s been a tough ramp up.  I think the next 3-4 weeks will be the worst.  He did say he wanted more rest days, but the schedule didn’t allow for them.  I reminded him that he said this race was OK.

I feel much more supported after that discussion, which lasted about 3-6 minutes tops.

I admit though, my enthusiasm for training is at an all time low…

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