30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 51…

3 miles easy and weights were on the schedule.

My work schedule is really terribly crazy.  I’ve been going in at 6:30 am and giving some inservices, and then going in at 6:30 pm and giving inservices.

In between I am trying to work, and my Manager is being CRAZEE.

So I got off work a little early today and went for the 3 miles.

My body is still achy from Sunday.  Back, legs, ankle, everything.  I was considering do the run in the pool, but in fact, I really really wanted to RUN.

It’s a bit cold for Florida, 55 degrees!  and the Pool apparently wasn’t really prepared for the sudden temperature drop, so I didn’t really want to get into it ..

When I got outside for the run, well, lets just say there was some WIND.

between 17-40 MPH.

I was running easy so I decided to just go and try it out.

First half mile was pretty difficult.  I noted the wind, and also noted some difficulty with my Left leg.

I actively just continued to run and as is often the case, it kind of loosened up.

By the time I turned the corner

wind-blown-umbrellaThe wind was INSANE.  It was a tail wind, so somewhat assistive to me, but I also had to actually work to stay upright while running.  In addition, I was thinking forward…to the turn around.

The turn around did not disappoint.  Wind right there in there face.  I was challenged.  It was actually so tough that none of the hills mattered. I barely noted the hills.

Finished the run and did some weights work.  I felt really sore and did not enjoy the weights work much.

I’m at a funny point in my training.  Things have gotten HARD.  Today wasn’t particularly difficult, but doing it with such sore muscles made things feel discouraging.

I spoke with my Massage Therapist this week about this and the fact that I don’t always hear from my coach like I want to.  To be fair, every time I email him with a question, he gets right back to be.  When I give him the weekly report, I don’t always hear back.  She can not keep a secret.  So sometime early this morning I got an email back from him.  I call them “High Five” emails.  I felt like a dork, but I need some of that.  As I get tireder, I get less patient, and I seem to need more encouragement.  People in general don’t really “get it”

I desperately wanted to talk to the coach today, but realized I had nothing to say.  I was just for some reason feeling super super needy and anxious.   He isn’t paid to deal with that, so weird.

I have never trained so long and hard for an event in my life.  I knew it would be physically challenging, but I had no idea what a toll it would take mentally.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to figure out how to deal with that, and leaning harder on my coach is not the way that it will work for me in this coaching experience.




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