30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Day 47 Marathon Training

Well, I am still feeling ridiculously optimistic, I think it’s the medrol!

My ankle is somewhat better, but it is still exhibiting symptoms and some problems.  We’ll see what happens on Sunday.

Today I had a very unique experience of trying to do speed work while pool running.  Yeah. Not exactly synonymous.

The key to getting a speed workout in the pool is to attempt to go at the same intensity for about the same amount of time as you would on land.

This clearly works better for things like 400 or 800 repeats.  But on my workout plan today was 2 miler repeats. So…I warmed up my “2 miles” by running in the pool for 20 mins.  Then I stepped it up for 20 minutes.  I found it very very hard to remember to keep up the intensity.  Every time I remembered, I stepped it up.  It was tough.  I then took a 2 min break, as I normally would and pool ran gently.  and then 20 more minutes of the hard stuff.  then I did a 10 min cool down.

During this time we had some thunder and RAIN.


Not the best fun out there, but the rain was pretty short lived.  Other awkward difficult thing was that the lady who got quite upset with me for not buying shoes at her store was also doing a pool workout, as we were both running we were in the same lane.  She kept passing me and trying to not say Hello, and pretending to not look at me.  It was actually so childish, it made me wonder why I had cared so much when she started acting this way.  We are adults.  It’s so easy to say Hello and move on.

My foot and ankle feel improved, but not perfect.  I admit I have some lingering worry.  I did a few test jogs across streets etc with Teulu the Wonder dog when walking him tonight.  It holds up, but…I can feel it isn’t 100% at all.  I have to wonder how long it would take to get to 100%.

I’m still planning on a 17 miler on the trail this weekend.  We’ll see.

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