30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Day 44 Marathon training Injured

OK so we are now officially admitting that the ankle is more than Janky, or just tweaked.

Emailed coach last night.  It took some will power  not to go interrupt him at work and just express all my frustration.  Sometimes I can be really quite the pain in the neck.  I’m learning, however, that I get better results when I approach things logically, as in, Do not Panic, and know what needs immediate attention and what doesn’t.  Compound fracture of the Tibia/fibula…that warrants immediately calling out to coach.  Bad evil ankle that is getting worse since last week…not so much.

In return for that I got this.

I’m so sorry you’re hurting:( not fun.
Try the Medrol pack. Also, focus on stretching the calf and hip flexors. Those are closely linked to foot an ankle(obviously the calf is:). 
Keep in the pool, do the exact same workout in the pool as you would on land. I know it stinks. I’m doing it now myself. 
God bless
So Medrol Pack it is, I just have to hunt down the Doctor at work today.  Lots of pool.  My goal is actually to kind of stay off it until Sunday.  and then run the 17 on Sunday.  We’ll see.  I just can not stomach running 3 hours in the pool.  I’ve actually done 2, but 3…well, lets just say someone will have to come out an entertain me.  One of the old Gym attendants used to come out halfway through my pool run and just chat for a bit, but he left the job…so I am bereft of entertainment for the pool….
Pool running can really keep one in shape, but it just never really feels like a workout.

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