30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Day 43 Marathon Training. Unhappy face

It’s a rest and recover week, until Sunday when I run 17 miles.

I’m not feeling very good today.

I attempted a 2 mile run and really the ankle just could not take the pounding.  I stopped running on the pavement almost immediately and tried it on the soccer field.  No dice.

Lucky me, I tend to keep emergency clothing in the car.

Enter the ugly Blue swim suit.



It is a suit I found on line for 9.00.  It does not fit at all well.  I hate it, but it was there in the car, just waiting for my water treading pleasure.

I found the 3 pound weight and stuck it in the back of the suit straps and treaded for 30 mins.  A lot longer than the 2 miles would have taken. but I wanted to burn some calories.

I wanted desperately to talk to my coach after but he was at work.  I sent an email and I am awaiting a reply.  I am really frustrated.

I’ve had this particular injury before, and it usually comes and goes with very little attention.  But this time around, I have iced, massaged, motrined, rested, etc It seems better for a day and I run on it, then it is inflamed again and I can’t run.

A local Podiatrist offerred an injection of cortisone, or a pred pack. I refused, he said, “Ah you aren’t in enough pain yet.”  Indeed.

Now, I’m a bit aggravated.  I just can’t get it better.  I have never found that steroids are a good cure for anything.  But I don’t know what to do.  Would like a definitive answer from the coach.  I may end up in the pool all week.  that actually may be the best idea.  I just hate missing Speed work.  Well, I hate missing running.  Every time something gets a little off, I feel as if the race is in jeopardy.  And well, it might be, but if I continue and continue on this path it really is going to cause what might turn into a chronic ankle pain.

SO,  today. Pool run again.  email out to coach I feel deflated.  Trying to find the silver lining….kind of strange.  Gotta be patient, and I am not sure I can be.  Well… if I take care there will be another Marathon beyond this one.


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