30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 41

Less Crash and Burn today.

Admittedly, I was just not feeling 100% great last night, and I stayed up a little later than normal watching some television.

I woke up when my friend Janice texted me asking when we were going to run tomorrow.

I wanted to sleep some more, but really once I’m awake, I’m up.  Plus, it was 7:30 am…I was already several hours over my normal sleep time.

I decided to take the dog on a longer than normal walk this morning.  He sometimes gets the short stick, since he is getting a bit older and needs less exercise.  Thing is he really enjoys getting out.  So, off we trooped to the vacant field next door.  He explored the field with his tail up like a flag, and we had a nice time.

6a00c2252b4cdb549d00e398ab62320003Here is a photo of Teulu the wonder dog, from several years back when we were doing a contract in New Hampshire (note the leaves).

I hemmed and hawed and in general messed around the house trying to get ready for today.  My ankle is still bothering me so I decided just to get in the pool today instead of running 2 miles.  But some part of me kept saying, “Well maybe it will loosen up and you will want to run.”  Yeah. Not so much.

I did finally get to the gym.  I cycled for a hour.  I wanted to listen to some Motown on I heart Radio, but there was a HUGE problem with Bufferring.  In fact, I Heart Radio essentially bufferred for the entire hour, so I actually had to listen to the gym music- on Saturday Morning, I learned, it’s pretty awful.

I debated still on the running, but I noted that the pool was fairly EMPTY.  So I decided to take advantage of that.  Long Course, my own lane, sunshine…It was nice.

I found that it was not an easy swim.  I am tired. My pace is off, and in general I am feeling not super positive about things, BUT..I decided to simply focus on the positives.  I am totally able to swim.  THe water was great, the pool was clean.  Even if my training cycle is not perfect, I am training and am still capable of running the race set forth for me.  While I am feeling slightly concerned about my training, I remembered what my coach tells me all the time… which is..not really quotable..

“you can have that perfect training cycle, all the way to the taper and still have a horrible race, you can trip and fall, the weather can be bad, any number of things can happen.  On the flip side, you can also have races where your training has felt marginal, and you aren’t sure you want to line up at the start line, but..you do and the race works out perfectly.”

So…we’ll see.

On a side note…2012_Fall_PI-0841-4CC

Seriously thinking about sporting this for my out of state races.  Honestly the Tourism board should pay me.  I know its a cycle Jersey.  I’ve been looking for something with pockets in the back for my hammer flasks…I saw this in a local store and it just totally fit the bill!!! Still not 100% sold.  Wondering if they make for all 50 states, and if not why Florida? What do you think?  Too dorky to wear a cycle jersey to a Marathon?


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