30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 40. Crash and Burn

Well,  I did say the day before that I was really really tired.

Yesterday I just crashed and burned.  I actually never even made it out of the starting gate if you will…so more like a “Scratch and Burn”

I had an early MD appointment, so my time frame for getting the workout done was not there in the morning.  The morning would have been perfect.


Throughout the day I started to feel a bit worse. I drank a ton of coffee but it was not helping my alertness. I felt fatigued.  Mostly tired out and then, sorry guys, I got my period.  Not usually a huge issue, but for some reason by the end of today…I was feeling some very bad cramps, and I just felt sort of exhausted.

Being who I am, I went ahead and went to the gym.  I got dressed.  I tried a lot of positive self talk about the 800’s workout that was on the plan.  I really did not want to do it.  My biggest hope was that I would see my coach who would look at me and say “Skip it”  but nope, he was not present.  then I tried to run.  and Wham BAM.  My ankle and left leg were having none of that.  I briefly considered the treadmill, then decided that was crazy.  I tried again outside after really stretching the ankle out and it still was super tender and near impossible to run.  I then sat down in the drivers seat of my car, “for just a minute”  Fell asleep.

Bill_Engvall_Here's_Your_Sign_CD_coverI went home.  Emailed the coach and fell asleep again.  He did get back to me sometime in the night, and said.

Please def, skip it! A healthy body is always better than ‘getting it all in’. Don’t even think about a hard workout until you feel excited about doing it.
Thanks for updating me!

So I felt better.  kind of defeated, since I missed a seven mile speed workout.  BUt I woke up today.  still very very tired.

Going to do my workout…and then do some shopping… and go home.  and SLEEP some more.

I am concerned, but I am also reminded that This week coming up is a rest week…so I guess I jumped the need for rest up a bit. I have not had a rest day in forever.  My body definitely feels better this morning, a lot of the little aches and niggles have gone, my ankle feels slightly improved.  My brain on the other hand wants to scream…why couldnt you wait for the scheduled rest day on Thursday!



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