30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 39

What a Bizarre Day.

The schedule said swim or spin 1 hour 20 minutes and do some weights.

I was totally down with that.

In the morning though, I was down with getting a bit more sleep.

Yesterday I was the guest speaker at a collaborative meeting for Infection prevention in downtown Orlando, so I had to schlep it to O-town, and back.  Inbetween that time I got a surprise email from my coach, and also a friend of my mom’s who had noted my Mom was MIA from all of her favorite photography web sites.  SO…on my way out of the meeting, I initiated an emergency call to my Mom, who is 100% fine.  She and my Dad have been having terrible internet problems.

Living in the land of the Amish will do that…not much demand for High Speed internet there.

Well, I had not talked to her in a bit, so, I kept chatting with her, until i was kind of not where I wanted to be in O-town.  I don’t know how I found my way back to the right place, but I did, and by the time I hit the gym it was about 5:15 pm.  The Pool was super crowded…so I opted for the spin.  I had no spin materials with me, so I just spinned and thought about things.

Mostly the email from my Coach.  It was an unusual email.  90% of it was just kind of the usual Coaching talk about workouts, fuel, telling a short but funny story about his exploding fuel during an ironman event.  All of the sudden at the end, there was an entire paragraph on the power of forgiveness.  My first thought was AH, interesting.  After about 35 minutes in the spin saddle my second thought, “Oh man, what have I done that needed forgiving”  I dashed off an email to him, which he either did not read or ignored- either is completely possible.

Second half of the spin- the last 20 minutes I allowed myself a little I Heart Radio Music.  So I rocked out the second half of the spin,

and decided I better find out what the heck was going on.

I do think my music choice kind of freaked out my cycle neighbor.  I am not sure they could hear it from the headphones.  But I am not exactly the “stereotypical”  Gospel listener, pictured in the video above, but…if you note these ladies are rocking out a sweat…and I’d rather be singing about something inspiring, than you know, “SHe’s got a big butt…and I can not lie”  (Guess that inspires someone?)

I mean really?

This is so much better.  Above was the song that really had me cruising at a 18-19 MPH pace.  Try it out, even if you aren’t a Christian, It’s hard not to move and groove.


Approached Coach and it turned out he had ben meditating adn studying in the Word most of the day before work, SO…that was one of the products of his meditation, had very little if anything to do with me.  It was something he felt like I needed to hear.


We talked about my wonky ankle.  It’s going to be a bit irritated this entire Marathon cycle.  More pool time will help it, but unless I stop running entirely it will probably feel funny the entire training time.  So, I accept that.

He showed me some exercises that I had not done before.  He told me he was concerned about the ramp up towards this race..it wasn’t how he would have planned it, but it is the way it’s going.  Apparently my nervous feeling before last weeks 16 miler wasn’t the only nervous feeling going round.  He had been concerned too.

And then I admit, I went home.  I AM tired.  really tired.  Yes, I know, where the heck were the weights?  Well…They weren’t  Maybe tonight, but I doubt it.  Today my schedule is getting all MESSED up.  I am again going downtown.  Good thing is that I do get an MD appointment in the am that I have been trying to have for months.  Bad thing, I think by the time I get an opportunity to do the speed work this afternoon, I will be really tired….routine with training is important.  Lots going on at work and it’s going to be hard to have routine.  I am going OUT of town.  soon 😦

Ah well.  So lets see how today goes….


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