30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 38 and rant about BS.

4 miles run with 3 miles tempo.

I admit it.  I do not like my tempo run route choice…AT ALL.

Firstly, the first mile, if you click the link you will see the weird elevation.  It’s nt that any of the elevation is brutal or anything its just that it’s just placed funny for a tempo run.  First thing you do is go down a hill at the end of mile one which is the warm up mile.  The Mile 2 is fine, some small hills.  Mile 3 is also pretty OK with some hills.  To be honest mile 3 always feels as if I am on a gradual incline that will never end.   But then I hit Mile 4.  and there is a PILE of elevation.. and My legs and my mind especially are very tired…and there it is.

Other than that, I’ve had an unusual week.  I forgot about what happens when I train long distance.  My patience gets kind of short with people.  Like, I have no tolerance for Bull.  I work at a hospital, and I do not have a popular job, people tend to cringe when they see me coming.  I tend to do a lot of calling folks out for screwing up stuff.  My entire job, you see, is to keep patients SAFE in the hospital.  So when I see Physicians, Nurses, Techs whomever, doing stuff that could potentially make the patient acquire something in the hospital (like, you know a new infection), I tend to not be a happy camper.  In general I am pretty patient.  If you screw up once, I kind of counsel you privately.  Twice…You and your Manager get to have a chat…3 times…I have issues.

Well.  These days, You mess something up…I’m gonna call you out, loudly in public.  I am so sick of people taking Shortcuts that endanger patients.  My temper is short, and the staff are noting it.  Luckily…the Administrators are giving me a lot of support and they don’t seem to mind my short temper… People need to fricking wash their hands after all.  and if they don’t and I say to them loudly in front of people, “You need to clean your hands”  Well…perhaps they will remember.


Secondly there is a guy at work who is kind of bothering me.  He’s a new runner…he is very fast.  Nice person, but…he has this idea that he wants to run with me.  I don’t want to run with him.  A while back, he told me he thought I was slow and such…Now he has realized that isn’t what runners do.  I mean we all know what pace is slow and fast.  All of us who hit the pavement are working on improving themselves in one way or another.  But you don’t chat with someone and say, “Gee you are so slow”  So… after that comment I kind of began to ignore him and probably because I, like most people don’t really like to be called slow, I started to avoid him.  Well, he has decided he wants to run with me.  I do not want to run with him.  At ALL.  EVER.  even if I become the fastest person on earth…I just don’t want to.

So last week he said, “Hey I ran with the Nurse from Surgery, she is SO FAST!  She is running an 11 mm, it’s so fast!”  I kind of looked at him raised an eyebrow and said, “That’s not fast, I don’t run that pace.”  (I’m faster, most of the time.) He tried to go on and on and convince me that he felt this was a fast pace.  I just escaped.

Apparently he saw me on the trail on Sunday. So Monday he asked me how far I ran, I told him 16.  He looks at me and says, “Hey you are pretty fast you know?”  I’m thinking, how the hell does he know if I am fast or not, He saw me finish the tail end of a run longer than he has ever run.  So I just kind of looked at him.  he started to tell me that I ran faster than a variety of people that we both know.  I looked at him again and said, “You know thats nice, but So and so is a walker”  You know.. I’m tired.  I’m training and I have a LOW LOW tolerance for BULL.  He was so insincere.  I am not running Fast, but I am running strong and injury free (kind of, my ankle is still hurting).  I am improving from where I was.  I don’t care if he thinks I am slow or fast.    He is so creepy!  I’ve told him about 5 different times that I am not interested in running with him…I don’t know why he can’t leave me alone.  It has gotten to the point where I had to complain about it twice now to one of the people I do enjoy running with.  BUt MY GOODNESS.  what is the deal.

I am going to have to avoid him, because my BS meter is very sensitive now, and I am about to simply tell him to shut up, leave me alone, and never approach me again.  Since he is a co-worker, that will NEVER work.

Has anyone else ever had someone Glom on to them like this?  What on earth should I do.

Ok tomorrow is back to my regularly scheduled training.


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