30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 37

Today called for 1 hr and 15 minute Swim or Cycle.

I was stoked about last weeks miles, 102 total!  This was fueled mostly by my not getting in the pool and instead cycling all my Pool or spin workouts.

While the miles were great looking… I think swimming may be better for me for overall strength and body health.. Though I am admittedly not 100% sure on this…most depends on intensity of the exercise.  So feel free to chime in here with any opinions.

I did not sleep at all well last night.  Work has been exciting in a difficult way.  Monday was a total HAIR on FIRE day.  Not a “This girl is on fire day”  more like…let me tell you, this girl was HOT. hair-fire-twoSo despite my best efforts…I was not really able to sleep.  Problems, and potential solutions danced through my head.  Kind of like Sugar Plums.   Though, considering my actual job, it was more like…Protozoa, viruses and bacteria dancing along…

Once I realize I was having issues sleeping…I got a little concerned about Tuesday.  Tuesday is still massage day.  with an hour and a half essentially of pool time, PLUS a weights workout… I was thinking, geee.

It all worked out.   I pulled myself out of bed at 4:30 wandered around with Teulu the Wonder dog…put on my swim suit and threw stuff together to be ready for everything.

I didn’t make it to the gym at 5 am but I managed to get there by 5:36.  It was chilly and kind of rainy. I forced myself into the swimming pool and started to do the laps.  It seemed to take forever to feel warm in the water.  After a while though I got it together, and got the swim done.  Intermittently it dumped small amounts of chilly rain on me.

I jumped out…ran into the locker room and made a fast decision not to try the weights workout.  The hot shower was long and delicious.  I even had time to slip by Panera and indulge in a bagel.

I had some Monday Overtime, 30 mins to be exact, so after the day appeared to be settled, I went ahead and emailed my boss…and asked if I could leave early.  GENIUS!

She didn’t care, so I clocked out at 4pm and headed to the gym.  Just enough time for a short Arms and Abs workout.  Saw the coach but I didn’t have any questions, and he was working with a rehab patient, so I just kept on with my planks.  Some weeks we seem to have loads of conversation, others, I don’t really have much to say.

Massage was worthwhile  though it involved a lot of squirming and shouting on my part.  Man she has some powerful thumbs.

Got the first email for Bayshore Marathon this week.  I got to feeling kind of excited.  I’m not going to lay down a world record time, but with all the training I have been doing, I am interested to see how I do…I have to admit, I am getting VERY interested in Glass City Half Marathon inToledo in April as well… Mostly for the same reason.  I have run several races this year, but Since December, none of them have been on a taper.

My ankle is about 85-90% today. I had a podiatrist take a look at it at work, he said, “Rest it, it’s fine”  So I feel good about that.  After the massage it feels better, except for one very sore spot where I wish she just had never met….

Tomorrow is a Tempo run.  FOr the past 2 weeks tempo runs have been like…fraught with wind.  Wonders what tomorrow will bring.  its still the ides of march!


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