30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day 36

Sooo, today was a 3 mile run on a soft surface.

Yeah.  My left lower leg is just all jacked up.  I could have done the run.  My leg always loosens up after a mile of a hopping gait.  Sooner, I learned if I stretch it.  BUT..You know.  this is not normal.

I decided the pool was a softer surface.

Did 36 mins- a generous estimate of how long it might take me to run 3 miles today.  (Last weeks recovery 4 miler was at an 11:30 pace on the soccer field) of water treading with a 3 pound weight attached.  It was good.  The water was nice.  the pool crowded, but I was able to share a lane with a woman who had the smoothest strokes so it wasn’t like an open water swim.

Pretty uneventful day.  At least in the training arena.  My hair was ON FIRE at work all day ah well.

I have a swim tomorrow as well as some abs and arms weights.  Yay me.  Tuesdays always stink because I have to get up at 4 am.  I need to be more of a morning person and I need to focus beyond the one day.  Training is finally getting a tad bit boring during the week.  My coach said it was boring and I disagreed, but I admit now a few weeks into the end here, YEAH…a little predictable.  Oh well…It could be worse!!!!george-cruikshank-very-unpleasant-weather-or-the-old-saying-verified-raining-cats-dogs-and-pitchforks

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