30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Day 35 Rocking the Marathon Training

Today was the Pinnacle of a tough training week.  I had a 16 mile Long run.  No big deal right?  Well…I have not run longer than 13 since I had Hip surgery, which was quite a while ago.  So  to me this was kind of a big deal.  On top of it, my plan went from 13 mile runs to 16. BAM.  Not the typical Marathon training plan.  The guy writing my plans though, is not the typical coach either.

So I approached this run with FEAR.  I was more scared of this than I have ever been of any race.

fear_2275966bReally.  I started getting super twitchy about it on Saturday…I spent the day at a car dealership…I intended on having an oil change, but because my Toyota Prius had so many outstanding recalls, I ended up there for 4 hours.  The Car runs tons better now, thanks for asking.  I was super irritable by the time I got out of there, because I missed the time window to go to the Orlando running store and try to find some sort of electrolyte with caffeine in it to add to my Carbo-Pro.  In retrospect, being forced to sit for 4 hours after yesterdays workout may have helped me today.  It was like forced rest.

So, in desperation, I headed to Target and found that they do still sell Caffeine tablets over the counter.  I felt like I might be arrested for running a meth lab at any moment…though I don’t think Caffeine is an ingredient in meth?

417607_10200288584833887_1274591215_nThat was this weeks mix.  I did one bottle with HEED, and one with NUUN.  The NUUN, you have to watch because the carbonated tablets will stress the little bottle…it wasn’t ideal but it did do the trick.

So, I finally get into bed last night and I can’t sleep.  I am intermittently fuming over the long time at the dealership…and trying to think of pleasant things…

And on Spring Ahead DST day, morning came, like it often does.  EARLY.  I woke up at 4:30 and hopped out of bed.  Mixed up the last of my Carbo-Pro mix, walked the dog, drank some coffee, ate some Oatmeal, and texted my friend.

I thought we were doing this at 6.  I realized looking at our text conversation from last night, I had told her seven.  She texted me just to leave everything on top of my car if she wasn’t there by 7 am.  So I took off and got out there early.

No One in the parking lot.  Kindof spooky.  I left all of my water bottles and stuff on the car hood and kind of did my usual hemming and hawing, and looking around.  I had heard some odd beeps and in the dark, electronic noises on a bike path are kind of distinctive.  Turns out it was actually from my car…

I took off early because I was so worried, plus my first miles are sometimes torturous, and I didn’t want any witnesses to my limping run.  Oddly, from the get go I was not limping.  (I had stretched the leg a little, hmmm..)  I ran the first 3 miles in the dark.  The only odd thing is that in the first mile my quads immediately started to burn a little- probably left over from yesterdays cycle?

I got to see bunnies frolicking, and really sort of playing along the path- which is a little unusual…so cute!  When I hit mile 3, I didn’t have my water, because I beat my friend who was Bike supporting me.  But I did have my mix.  It was cooler out and I wasn’t sweating alot so I probably didn’t need tons of water.  I drank half a container and kept going.  Mile 4 is a bit of a slog uphill…as is mile 5.  At 4.5 my friend biked by with a bottle of water and encouragement for me!  It was really nice to have that out there.  I grabbed the water and kept running, I probably should have stopped to chat, but.. I kind of had a time goal in mind.  After mile 5 there is a bit of a downhill and then a big uphill, so I soldiered on through it  and then came out to the flat area…At about 7.5 my friend came by again and chatted with me a bit as I ran.  I really enjoyed her company.  I ran over a little footbridge, my watch beeped for 8 and I quickly changed directions. SO far so good. Thing is…I’ve run 8 miles a lot.  I was still freaking out about how I would do after 8.  In addition, as I hit 9 I started to note a creeping fatigue.  I wasn’t totally spent, but I could feel that it was now more difficult to maintain the pace.  Luckily at mile 10…there was a nice downhill, and then I ran half way up the up and took that moment to have some more fuel.  It’s a funny thing trying to walk after having been running for a while…your legs feel different. I felt stiffened.

giraffe1I kind of made a point to try not to stop after that, as it was kind of hard to get back going.  Thankfully I had come to the area which is pretty much a long long gradual decline.  I felt a little guilty but reminded myself I had run up it a while ago.

At the 3 miles to go mark, I stopped again because I spied my water bottle left by my pal.  I drank about 250 ml all at once and got rid of it in the recycle bin.  Maybe not the best way to hydrate, but worked for me.  I then finished out the run.  It was only when I got to the 15.5 mark on the trail that I let myself think, “I’ve got this!”


After I used the spin cycle for an hour to loosen up..

I feel so much better with this run under my belt.  The time on it wasn’t fabulous, 2 hr and 50 mins, but it was acceptable to me.

Next week is cut back week, and I am so looking forward to it all!


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