30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 33

New Speed workout today.  My Coach said he took it from Jack Daniels.  Not the liquor.  The running coach.

It’s not a workout I had heard of before, and if you go on most popular running websites, it seems a lot of people scoff at it.  I found that there are a lot of lessons in 2 mile repeats.

I told my coach on Monday that I was really nervous about doing the repeats and was unsure if I could do them.  He gave me the “look” and moved on discussing points about this week with me.

I was finally getting used to the half mile repeats, and now 2 mile repeats?

In fact, they are a pretty good tool for learning to pace ones-self, very similar to the half mile repeats.  Most people are able to run a 400 all out and be done with it, but the 800, if you miscalculate and go out too fast it’s just long enough to find that you can’t just “gut it out at the end.”  Similarly, most people have an idea how to pace themselves when running one mile.  But TWO…same challenge.

I decided to do the repeats in the morning, so I would not have to go through work all worried about them.

Got up and had to really really force myself out the door.  It was COLD..  Now, that means it was 43 degrees.  Not exactly that cold, but for some reason, I found it bone chilling. It was strange, last weekend was colder, but today felt much colder.



My warm up was miserable.  My left leg is still not 100% so when I started, every foot strike felt strange.  I was also kind of holding my breath so for the first half, mile, things, were, well, not looking great.  Eventually I loosened everything up, and finished running around the neighbourhood and hit the church.  The parking lot there is about 0.50 miles around.  4 laps seemed better than 8 on the track.

It also undulates ever so slightly so more interesting.

When I got there, I was still thinking…this is not gonna be good.  But I started, and was surprised to find myself running at a nice clip.  Round and round and round.  It was not easy and I did find I mostly had to concentrate on holding back a little, so I could sustain.

After the first one, I felt totally Drained.  I was doing my 2 minute rest and I was actually walking back out of the parking lot, considering jogging back home…when the shame o’ meter kicked in.  20120626_Light_Hall_Of_Shame_homepageI knew I couldn’t just go home with only one repeat done, without actually trying the second one.  I started the second one and was thinking, “THis will never work”…I know, such positive self talk.  By the time I was at the first half mile, I realized it just might be ok.  I had to really focus again on pace, and on slowing down in some areas and speeding slightly in others.  Worked out well.

I did not do the third repeat. I think I could have but it was so close to going to work time, I opted for a shower.  I did make a bold attempt at the third one, but I  just didn’t have the mental capacity to continue.

I still feel really good about this workout.  I got 4 miles in at a pace that was very close to my 5K pace.  (YEs with 2 mins rest but still.)  I felt like I got a taste of pacing…which is part of the goal.  And I did not hurl.


to make up for not doing the last one, I did go pool jogging for 20 mins hard with weights, and cycled a bit of a cool down.

This is a new kind of training for me.  Normally I have used Hal Higdons methods, which are all just distances and Xtrain on off days.  It’s pretty exhausting.  I have come to realize that it is not the way that the average runner trains for a long race.  (My times are QUITE AVERAGE though.)…I’m really doing a lot of thinking about that, so expect more commentary tomorrow!


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