30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 31

Today was my 4 mile tempo run.  Well, run 4 miles, 3 at tempo.

Started out kind of rough for the first half mile.  I was going up a slight incline and noted the breeze was stiff indeed.

Luckily at the half mile mark I turned right and the wind hit me from the side not full on front.

The wind was something else though.

Picture 1


So Second half of mile one was at a nice pace, but to be frank, 0.40 of 0.50 of that mile is down a hill.  So yeah the pace was great.  Mile 2 has rollers and the pace was actually surprisingly good.  Turned around for mile 3 and was doing alright until I again turned right to go home.  The wind that had been hitting my side was suddenly full on frontal and something else.  I found out it was 28 MPH.

Yep… According to this net article, running against a wind that is about as fast as you are running (I do not run 28 MPH) will set your pace back by 12 seconds.  The corresponding tailwind only gives you six seconds though…

Last week was windy too.  This is indeed the time of year in Florida for WIND. We have also had a bunch of freaky cold fronts.  last weekend it was 36 degrees on Sunday.  Yesterday the high was 78.  Tonight, it is predicted to go into the 30’s again….

So I struggled through.  Got er done.  Pace wasn’t horrific, it just wasn’t quite what I wanted for a tempo run.

After I did some pull ups, dips, side planks, pickpockets, and inch worms.  Yay me.  I need to do more abs and arms, I just think the wind really took it out of me.

This week for some reason I want to have successes in training, we’ll see.

Work has been kind of strange as well.  Mostly I am coming to the conclusion that I am not fond of my boss.  She has been very nice to me, but I still think she’s kind of hard to deal with.



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