30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 30



I’ve been at the Marathon training for one month.

This morning I woke up more tired than I ever have in this training cycle.  Tuesday is my early training day because I have the standing 5:00 pm Massage appointment.  Yes I am kind of spoiled in the Massage department.  It has really helped me, so I figure why not.

I have a great massage therapist, without her, I would probably have been injured countless times.

But I find its better to do the workout in the morning, and then go home and collapse after.

Today I could NOT Get OUT of the bed in time. It was COLD outside, in the 30’s which is rare for Florida.

I finally renegotiated with the alarm clock.



And got to the gym at about 6:05 am.  Because it was so cold, I bagged the swim in favor of a spin.

Spinned, spun, rode the cycle…for an hour.  Then showered and went off to work.  I fully intended to return for the last 15 minutes and a weights workout.

Well.  the Massage was Intense.  I actually got nauseous.  So much so that I ate a ton of ginger.  It kind of helped but not totally.  I went over to the gym, paid my coach, and discussed it and went home.

Coach asked me if I had noted the increase in my plan.  Uh Yeah.

Monday 4 miles on a soft surface

Tues  5th bike or swim 1 hr 15 min.  do wts abs and upper body only.
Wed 6th run 4 miles with 3 miles tempo.
 Thurs 7th swim/bike 1hr 20 min. abs and upper body wts only
 Fri 8th  2 mile warm up, 3 x 2 mile hard with 2 min rest in between each. Bike for the cool down.
 Sat 9th bike 1 hr 20 min with 1 mile run right after.
 Sun10th 16 mile run EASY bike 1 hr  after.
So I jump from a long run of 13 miles to 16…plus the Friday workout was enough to give me a bit of pause.  I am really scared about it, but…I get to try it out.  It should help with the continuing pacing problems I have.  If I can master it.
I told him I was worried, and he kind of shrugged and said, well, yeah, thats you.
I explained about the nausea massage and he said, skip the weights, do em tomorrow…So I’m at home, spooning in some yogurt…and trying to decide if I want to run in the morning tomorrow or wait until after work.  the way things have been going with morning, I think it will have to wait.  Plus that gives me an extra 8 hours to heal the lefty.

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