30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 29

I did finally get my plan, apparently he got it together around Midnight last night.

Luckily for Ms. Anxiety, he did respond to my email by about 8 pm, so my worries were over by then.

today was an interesting and iffy day for training.  My ankle was feeling strained after running on the camber of the road.  It really took a toll on my leg, which has been a bit sore and kind of “janky” if you will.

I figured last night it would feel OK in the morning.

In the morning I could barely put weight on it.  Threw on a calf sleeve again and some motrin and decided I’d probably be pool running. Throughout the day at work, I kind of thought about it.  I went back and forth on the Run, don’t run, run debate.  I even debated exactly WHY I am doing all this running and training.  I’m doing More than the average Bear if you will…yet my results aren’t better.  I’ve taken 11 mins of my HM time from this year to last year.  3 plus minutes off my 5K time.  10 mins off my 10K time, which was not so hot before.


I have to remind myself of a few things.  I’m not a professional athlete.  I’ve run all my recent races without a taper, so my legs have definitely been sub-optimal.  I’m in much better shape now and that matters more than a number.  But if still gets frustrating.  I FEEL that I could run a much faster half marathon, but…it isn’t time yet.  April is coming on fast, so I only have to be patient for 8 more weeks, and then hopefully I get to taper a tiny bit and let loose some.  Then the Big Mac Daddy, my Marathon will tell how I am doing.

by 4:30 when I escaped my work day plight,  the leg still felt kind of odd.

I went to the gym, and threw on my clothes. I decided to try it and get in the pool if it didn’t work.  I did make sure to kind of parade by my coach, I figure if I was super limping, he would say something.  He gave me a look, but no words, so…I proceeded…

The plan said to run on a soft surface.  th_939cf02afa4952cf0a94d68c778401a7_Overview

So I hit the big green square in the lower right hand corner of the photo above.  I despise running on the soccer field.  It is soft, but it’s a bit irregular in terrain, and so my lower leg muscles get a bit more of a workout.  Good for body development, tough for running.

I started and wow.  The first lap around was quite unpleasant.  Legs hurt, I thought I might actually be limping. My pace seemed to be that of a 14 min mile.  Eventually I looked at the garmin and my pace was a slower pace, but not near the 14 minute mark.

I kept running, and was surprised when 1 mile beeped on the Garmin. I started to think hey, I can do this run.  I finished it off, and felt really pleased with it.

Once thing I’ve noticed over the past week is that I am now suddenly more able to sustain a running pace over time.  I used to constantly walk every few miles, even if it was only for 0.04 of a mile.  Now I seem to be able to keep moving without that need.  Yay for improved fitness.

Sitting on the couch now, my ankle still feels kind of tender and sore, but no worse for wear.  I am taking it, and the rest of me to the Massage tomorrow, so maybe she can fix it.

I saw my plan for the next 4 weeks.  TERRIFYING.  I am scared out of my mind.  Some things look super unpleasant, like 2 times 2 mile repeats.  (Can we say VOMIT!) and others look LONG. I have not run over 13 miles since my surgery – almost 22 months ago now.  I’m not really sure how I will do, but I get to find out on Sunday.


I feel lucky I have some people planning to join me for the longs, and some planning on helping me with a Bicycle assist.  THis should really help me to stay positive and focused.

But it’s still scary.

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