30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 28

Well.  This one was a strange one for me.

I ran a Half Marathon.  My plan said 13, a friend convinced me to come for a group run and bammo there I was in with a half marathon.

ob half 460_no year


I was not running for a Personal Record, or even worried about time. I wanted to run what was on the plan.  I also had new fuel to try out.48163_10200234328317508_2006482843_n

I mixed it up the day before.  I admit, I felt a lot like a combination of Julia Child and Igor the Mad scientist.  It was fun.  the Hammer bottles are the end result. In those small bottles is 200 calories of carbohydrate fuel and a touch of caffeine and electrolytes.   When I first tasted it, I was sort of grossed out.  Mostly because I had had to use Fruit punch flavor.  I am not a fan of “fruit punch flavor”.  It tastes just plain BAD.

My friend ran with me the entire race, which was cool.  He’s faster, so this was an easy run.  He didnt wear his chip or anything, which tells you how much faster he is.  I used my headphones for 2 reasons, to listen to music, and also to keep my ears a little warmer.  It was SO COLD.  I don’t get it.  I live in Florida.  March 3rd.  temp: 38 F.  Windy.

THe funniest thing about the race was that I dropped one of my little bottles at mile 2, he scrambled and picked it up and carried it for me.  As I finished out the first one at mile 7, he immediately grabbed the empty and gave me the full.  I totally felt like a Pro!  A slow Pro, but it was all in good fun.  He is a really fun friend.  Since Ragnar relays he has been training with that group and not hanging with me, so I really did enjoy spending some time with him.

I had screwed up and started my Garmin a little bit later in the race, probably at about 0.10 miles in.  This always annoys me.  Today it was especially annoying as the course was LONG.  In general runners often complain about a race course being a bit longer than the actual distance. In reality, we runners usually do not run tangents and also weave and Bob all over the place.  Because of this I rarely, if ever, state that I feel that a race was Long or short.

However.  Today I started my watch late, and when I hit the finish it was reading 13.65.  People who ran the 5K said their watches all said 3.5 or more.  I did run some funny zigs in the road because of the camber.  But yeah, it was a long long 13.1

I will say the Carbo-Pro fuel was AWESOME!  (Imagine me singing!)  I did not expect that at all, and so when it worked so well, that was Super cool

I was a wee bit annoyed as I was running well, but oh well. I got a run in.  After, I was invited out to IHOP, but had to decline to go and ride the bike trainer for 1.5 hours.

I am super pleased with this training week.  I am now sitting here hemming and hawing.  I have not heard from my Coach all week. So I am making up that he is angry with me for something or other.  He could be.  I dunno.  He won’t be happy about the race, but it’s over now.

Usually he mails me by 10 pm, So I’ve got like 4-5 hours to be anxious.

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