30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day 26

Whoo Hooo I rocked the Heck out of my 800’s this morning.

Best Part of the day!  Here’s a photo I took at the end of the workout as the sun was rising.

IMG_0311We decided to meet at 6 am to do the workouts.  I was skeptical that I could complete in one hour so I actually started my warm up at about 5:45. I ran around for 1.5 miles and then went down to the track.  It was really dark, and I had a blinky light bracelet, so I started on the 800’s.  I was too afraid to wear my headphones so the first 2 I did were just me, the darkness, and the wind.  The temp had dropped to a cold 59 degrees.  Either the cold of the night seemed to also keep the unusual rubbery smell of the track out of my nose  Yay, no stench of Eurotan Sandwich.  After the first two I saw my friend pull up.  Whew what a relief.  I always feel like the track where you are going round and round is a bit dangerous for a woman at night.  She started her warm up and I went and retrieved my headphones.  I have found music helps these 800 repeats.  She ran a slow mile to warm up, and then started on her workout.  I’m still not sure if she did 800’s or a pyramid.  We didn’t run together, we just kind of co-existed on the track.  It was perfect.  I did my thing and she did hers.  At the end, we were both pretty stoked about doing the workout  that we did!

We showered and headed off to work- we both work in the same place, so…off to work we headed.

We have decided to do the speed every friday Morning.  I love it because I don’t have to dread it all day long, the track is generally empty at 6 am, and I have someone who will keep me trying.

So after I was all dressed for work, I was super pumped about the workout and was looking for the person who does my coaching.  He wasn’t there.  He did rush in for work as I was leaving and I decided that I should probably use the email method rather than keep trying to talk to him when he is at work…

So just for the record… I finally killed the 800s! Did them at 6 with J. from nutritional services.  She ran 4 mins mine were all between 4:14 and 4:18.  I love running!

Sadly, No response from him.  So I started wondering if I had managed to piss him off too.  Heck I have been aggravating many people it would seem…. More than likely he is a guy and was like, OK, so good, client is back on track.

I want a gold star darn it!  I killed that workout.

Well, we shall see.




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