30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 24

So kind of a bizarre day.

I was to run 3.5 miles  middle two at a 5K pace.

Well.   I started out running and my left leg felt really strange.  Kind of like Peg leg Pete  definitely not like the Incomparable Peg Leg Bates

PegLegBatesDefinitely not that good.

It has been tight since massage so I just ran and tried to run slow and let it loosen up.  It did eventually.  Now the middle 2 miles of 3.5 miles is somewhere at like 0.75, but that doesn’t compute well in my little non math brain, so I started my 5K pace miles when I hit mile 1.  For mile 1-2 all was well. I was hitting a nice pace, even with the hills.  I felt pretty good and was able to actually hold the pace and BREATHE.  For whatever reason when I turned round at mile 1.75, things got really interesting.  I went through a tunnel and discovered that there was a headwind…At mile 2-3 I started to struggle with the 5K pace.  I could reach it and hold it for a bit, but not for the full mile.  Plus I ended up reaching the pace, and then going under it.  Since I was under pace, I think that was my issue, I just couldn’t hold the pace under my 5K pace at all.  The wind was kind of gusting at me, but really, wind is wind and it is present.  Anyway it was frustrating.  Plus there were bigger hills on the way in- the hill that is down during mile 0-1 (my warm up)  is steeply UP during the tempo portion of the run.  So mile 2-3 was a wash on pace.  I finished up mile 3-3.5 at the 5K pace which was odd.

So not a win.  Not a total loss.  These things happen indeed.

I emailed the coach about it, just in case there was something earth shattering about it.  He has not emailed me back, which usually means that there isn’t anything earth shattering to discuss.  Either that or he didn’t read it.  I think its the former, he is a fairly dedicated coach.

Today the lefty still feels bizarre.  I threw a Zensah Calf sleeve on it and am hoping for the best.

Today is swim or cycle so that won’t bother it.  My gym is closed except for the pool, so I will probably be swimming.  I am praying the sudden drop in temps will keep the hordes of swimmers away so I can get a decent swim in after work. I would have gone at 5 am but it only opened at 7.  😦

How am I feeling.  Well.  I feel OK.  I am feeling kind of nervous about the pain that the marathon is going to involve.  Kind of like when expectant Mom’s talk about labor.  They know its gonna hurt and they know they are going to get something good in the end, but they aren’t sure how they feel about the hurt.  And, I probably don’t need to point out that there are no epidurals in Marathon running.


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