30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 22

On plan it said to run 3 miles slow.

I did so.  Tried out the new shoes and the Super Feet Insoles.

The insoles are gonna take some getting used to.

Run went well.

Attempted to speak to my coach who was in the middle of an eval and really didn’t want to be disturbed.  I REALLY had a burning question.  I resolved it by emailing him, and he very kindly responded within about 8 minutes.  I did feel a bit like an idiot.  TO be fair, I often email him and he doesn’t get back to me.  I have to work on emailing him first, and then seeing him at work *IF* he doesn’t respond.

Also put my foot in my mouth describing my experience at Fleet Feet to someone else- and was then overheard by the owner of the usual shoe store I use, who then muttered something not so pleasant under her breath.  But COME ON.  They didn’t have my size in any shoe I wanted to try.  I was looking to move to a new shoe, and I didn’t want to have them special order it for me, I just wanted to try it.  Now I will also admit, I got better service at Fleet Feet- far better.  I also got better advice on nutrition.  I was actually trying to hide the shoes from everyone until they got scuffed up, but my pal came right out and said, “OOOH new shoes”

So thats where I am at.  Life is good. I wish I had not made some people mad, and I need to think before acting, but, ah well…No one is seriously hurt….

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