30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 21.

Things seemed to get really real today.

On the plan:  run 13 easy and spin out 1.5 hours.

I decided since it was “easy”  to hit the clay road here in C-mont since time would not matter, plus I was feeling a little sore.  I had tried to get a Bib for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, but…alas no luck.  I heard it was pretty crowded, so, I am actually glad I didn’t.

So Instead I was the Clay Road Princess.

Now the Clay Road is sort of tough here in Clermont.

10M_ClermontThere is the little 10 mile loopy.  Yep I know, some of you run on this every day, but it’s really rather hilly and the hills tend to come at the end of the loop.

picture12When its flat its kind of mushy.  Like running on fine sand.  Very nice and soft, but not exactly built for speed.

IMG_7347Then when it is hilly, its Hilly.  I started out the run…I gotta admit, I didn’t really think about the distance much.  I just was thinking about getting going.  Everything Hurt.  Well, my hair didn’t hurt.  But my legs felt pretty beat up.  I tried listening to my tunes, but opted for listening to the birds and silence instead.  All the Orange trees are still blooming so I inhaled that deeply.  TO be honest, if my legs had not hurt so much, this would have been a pretty awesome run.

But hurt they did.  I considered quitting the run at mile 1.5 and again at mile 3.5 and again at mile 5.  I just couldn’t really figure out what I was going to tell my coach, that I completely could not run 13 miles?  I slogged through it.  It got marginally better, then it got worse with the big uphills at the end.  The worst part…it’s a 10 mile loop.  I had to pass my car and go out 1.5 more miles again to make the 13. I was not a happy camper.  Through the run I envisioned the email I was going to send my coach, telling him that I didn’t like running, that I was too tired, that the plan was too hard.  At one point a guy looking tall and Skeletor like came down a hill as I was starting up a hill, I was so afraid it was him, luckily it wasn’t.  As I finished the run, I kind of got on a dry t shirt and came close to tears.  I was extremely surprised to find that while I had walked a bunch, my pace really wasn’t as off as I had expected.  Still, it was a pouty run.  Not enjoyable.  The pace was off but as Bart Simpson says: EVery run is not a race.  PLus, it was one of those surreal runs.  The entire Run sucked giant rocks, but…in the end the pace wasn’t as bad as the run felt….Kind of a lesson, sometimes your feelings can lead you astray.tumblr_m97oxsunZ61r0civz

I got to the gym, scowled so much that I had to explain myself to the attendant. I basically said, I was going to punch my coach if he showed up.  It’s sunday, and on Sunday he praises Jesus, so I was pretty safe in knowing I wouldn’t have to do it.  (He praises Jesus all the time, but in general I know on Sunday he and Mrs. Coach go to church.)  All the tri teams looked at me like I was nuts.

Then I spun spun spun 90 mins on the cycle.  It was a definite pain train experience.

Pain Train Pic.

The cycle did help my lactic acidy legs.  Some.   Eight hours later they are still burning up.  I’ve hydrated and tried to nap and rested, and well, I think they will burn for the next 12 weeks or whatever is left.

So I am curious to see how this next week goes.  13 is on the freaking plan again. It’s like an invite to run a half Marathon, and indeed there is a local, inexpensive one…so we’ll see.

Tomorrow is a 3 mile easy.  So I’m getting ready to Hop on the pain train yet again.  If I survive the work day!




  1. Fritz

    One thing that helps when my legs feel on fire? Ice bath! 🙂

    • mizunogirl

      I considered it…but then I would have had to go to the store and walk in for the ice….

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