30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day 20

This day was a little nutty.

I intended on getting up and doing the 1.5 hr cycle and a mile run and then going shoe shopping with my friend.  Well.  I got up, walked the dog and abruptly decided to go back to sleep..

So I met my pal and we went off and got shoe fitted.

It was a little bit funny. I did a lot of trying of shoes at Fleet Feet In the end, I ended up back in the same darn shoes.

However, I was delighted at the color options at Fleet Feet.  MirageW

While it’s purple, and I’m not a purple girl, it’s kind of a mulberry type color and I actually like it.  After a bit of analysis, the guy fitted me with a pair of Superfeet inserts which actually felt GREAT, they provided me with a bit more stability.  So apparently I will be learning to use the insert over the next few months.  I bought some HEED product to try it tomorrow on the Long run as well as some NUUN tabs. I was a wee bit disappointed to find out the NUUN tabs are like 2 calories each, so that does not help my nutrition needs…but I’ve used NUUN in the past and found it to be both tasty and helpful when one is feeling dehydrated.

I was really pleased with Fleet Feet and I think I may be doing a bit more shopping there, its a bit better stocked that our local shop and gives really good rewards points.

Then we ended up going to the DISNEY Princess Expo, it’s Princess half Marathon weekend..  I am not running it, but my friend is, and so we needed to get her bib.  I enjoyed the expo, and won some inexpensive sun glasses and a few blinky bracelets, so it was good fun.

Eventually we made it back to the gym where she dropped me off and I hit the Cycle for 1.5 hours.

spingirlNot really a blast, but it got done.  I cycled for 1 hr straight.  Hopped off to grab a few items and then did the last 30 mins.  My coach says that the cycle is going to build my Hamstrings, but I didn’t really note that it was working them.

Post cycle I donned my new shoes and went for an inaugural run of 1.0 miles- which was on the plan.  Shoes felt good. My body felt kind of well..achey.  Still, I was glad to have it done.

Tomorrow I am in for a 4 hr workout fest.  Oh My.



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