30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 18

This was not a very exciting day for me in training.  I had the option to swim for an hour or pool run for an hour.

Since pool running on Monday was pretty tough…I decided to stick with the regular swimming, kind of my least favorite exercise ever.

It was an uneventful swim.

I had my own lane.

No one bothered me.

My coach did not appear out of no where to have me do fast 50’s

Literally Nothing of interest happened.

I went just fast enough, and the water felt great on my very sore body.


Coach noted yesterday that somehow my quads have become disproportionally stronger than my Hamstrings, so I have a few exercises to rectify that as well.  I’m still worried about Bayshore.  Coach said I had good reason to be, as it’s kind of a big distance.  We shall see. I am excited about the half in Toledo. Heck thats a distance I can manage.  I just feel like I’m not really strong enough to maintain for 26.2, and it’s questionable if I will be there in a few sort weeks, but…

There is a calendar sitting on the counter at the coaches house, it says I can….


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